Nice evening run

I hate running when it’s hot. So (sometimes) in the summer time one has two options: early mornings or late evenings. And I’m not a early morning kinda girl. Tonight I started my run around 9PM and the weather was just amazing. Sun was still up and it was warm but not too hot. And the views, amazing…

2013-07-06 21.23.59 2013-07-06 21.41.26 2013-07-06 22.17.19 2013-07-06 22.19.28

I wore my most dashing running gear:

2013-07-06 21.41.42


And after the run, I wanted to go to see the sunset. Yes, the sun does go down. But it was 11PM. We went to the beach which provides sauna and ice swimming during the winter, the view was great!

2013-07-06 22.49.47 2013-07-06 23.09.09 2013-07-06 23.11.33 2013-07-06 23.08.31

Distance: 8.5km, Avg.pace: 8:13 min/km, Avg.speed: 7.3 km/h

Total distance run this year: 194km (almost 200km, yay!)


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