Elliptical machine: is there anything as boring?

I thought I was clever when I figured out that I’d do 30min on a elliptical machine before gym. I’d get warm-up AND my 30min jog done at the same time. I do not understand why didn’t I use the treadmill. I do not understand why didn’t I just go out and jog. Elliptical machine is the most boring thing ever. I tried watch tv, I tried listen to an audiobook, but no. The time has never ever gone so slowly…

After what seemed like 3 hours, the 30 min was over and I could go and do my actual gym workout.

  • Allout: Bench press (narrow grip) 8*20kg, 8*25kg
  • Allout: Barbell bicep curl: 2*8*20kg
  • Giant: 2 rounds, 8 reps each: Cable pushdown (15kg), Cable bicep curl (10kg), Overhead triceps extension (15kg), Hammer curls (4kg dumbbells)
  • Abs: 3*30s plank, 3*10 slow slow slow crunches

After gym I did some retail recovery. New things from sporting gear shop Intersport (they have mirrors which makes one taller AND skinnier) and then some ice cream. And when I say “some” I mean “a lot”.

2013-07-08 19.18.40


Yes, I wear training gear when I’m not at the gym. And running shoes when I’m not running.

2013-07-08 19.33.46-2

And the ice cream was heavenly.

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