More running

It seems all I do is run. But I did go to the gym yesterday (no pics to prove it though):


  • Allout: Lat pulldown (2*8 reps, 50kg)
  • Allout: Dumbbell row (2*8 reps, 15kg)
  • Giants: 2 rounds, 8 reps of Deadlift, Barbell row, T-row (55kg, 40kg, 20kg)


  • Allout: Incline barbell bench press (2*8 reps, 30kg)
  • Allout: Dumbbell bench press (2*8 reps, 14kg)
  • Giants: 2 rounds, 8 reps of Dumbbell flyes, Incline dumbbell bench press, Push-ups (8kg, 12kg)

Abs: 3 rounds of 30s plank + 10 leg raises

And today, running. I was reeeeeally slow. I mean a turtle would’ve gone past me. I’m lucky that we don’t have any turtles running a round here and depressing me. I was partly running slowly because I wanted to keep my heart rate pretty low, and partly because I just can’t seem to find the “go faster”-gear in me. But it’ll come, I hope.

Distance: 11km, Avg.pace: 8:13 min/km, Avg.speed: 7.3 km/h

Total distance run this year: 200km

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