Circuit workout

It took me over two hours of procrastinating and lazying at the house before I got my gym pack together and headed for the weights. Now I’m a routine-loving-person. But I need some variation in my routines to keep things interesting. Like running. It sounds stupid to get in a car and drive to go running, but new scenery makes things more interesting. So even though I have my gym programs, I tend to not follow them precisely. My goals are not so precise, as I just want to be fitter and stronger that I’m now, and I want to enjoy the workouts I do (most of the time). So it’s fine to go to the gym and not do a shoulder workout and go dancing instead. At least “going to the gym” -routine is still going strong 😉

2013-07-16 13.02.09


Instead of a back and chest workout, I did a circuit.

Set 1: 4 rounds, 8 reps/move, 12kg kettle bell: Swing, Sumo High Pull, Lunges

Set 2: 3 rounds, 8 reps/move, 6kg and 4kg dumbbells: Lateral raises, Lat raise + Peck deck, Row

Set 3: 4 rounds, 8 reps/move, 20kg (not in lunges): Clean + Jerk, Romanian deadlift, Jumping lunges

Set 4: 3 rounds, 8 reps/move: Crunches (8kg), Pushups,  Hammercurl (6kg), Tricep extension (12kg)

Good workout!

2013-07-16 13.02.01

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