Running against the wind

On Friday I had some running on my calendar (I really do, running “appointments” in my calendar). The weather was miserable, windy and raining, but that really does equal a great running weather for me.

2013-07-19 13.19.30I ran 40 minutes and then it was time for something different. 5 rounds of 1 minute of running as fast as I could and walking after that for 2 minutes. Oh man that was hard. Especially when done against the wind. No wonder the first 30min of the run was nice and easy, I had the wind on my side. Going back was a different story then…

2013-07-19 13.18.49


I bought this recovery drink, Hartsport. The name always makes me giggle, since it just sounds dumb. But maybe the green drink is good for me after the run. I sure did feel better after gulping it down.

Distance: 8.5km, Avg.pace: 7:13 min/km, Avg.speed: 8.3 km/h

Total distance run this year: 231km


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