Weekly wrap-up, 29/2013

2013-07-18 20.09.31


Time for weekly recap on what have I’ve been doing. I’m glad that I haven’t given up on working out this summer. I usually do that. Summer comes, and one is just so tired of all the working and stuff, that one doesn’t feel like doing anything. At all.

  • Monday: Running 7k
  • Tuesday: Gym
  • Wednesday: Running 4.4k, Astanga yoga
  • Thursday: Walking 7,5k
  • Friday: Running 8.5k
  • Saturday: Hangover (that should count as a workout, it was tough)
  • Sunday: Finnish baseball, Running 5k

2013-07-18 20.42.46

Do you guys know what that is? It’s a sauna. With an outboard motor attached to it. Convenient, drive your sauna in the middle of the lake and enjoy. Cool off in the lake and go back to sauna if you get chilly.

2013-07-18 19.54.10


What can I say, Finns and their addiction to sauna…

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