Stupid legs

It sucks when this happens. I have the feeling I could run and I’m all up for it, but my legs beg to differ. They just hurt and the running (well, it was far from running) sucked. I walked way too much, and now that I think about it, I should’ve turned around at 30min and just walk back and call it a day.

Distance: 13.0km, Avg.pace: 8:26 min/km, Avg.speed: 8.3 km/h

Total distance run this year: 249km

2013-07-23 18.36.13I took my tired legs to a football field, because my hubby wanted to test how fast he could run 5k. But there was a game, and he had to run off- track. I was supposed to tell him lap times, but since that plan went sour he went his way and I stayed at the field to watch the game and did some stretching (yay for me!). 2013-07-23 19.20.262013-07-23 18.57.40I also admired the bruise I got from Sunday’s baseball game, adorable isn’t it:2013-07-23 18.58.04Maybe tomorrow’s a gym day. Bicep curls like never before!


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