PB in Deadlift

Yesterday was a great gym day. I started out with some deadlifts, and as I was writing down the serie weights I noticed that my pb was 75kg. Since I felt great, I decided to try to lift 80kg. I up it went! Not smootly or very nicely, but I got it up! 2013-08-12 12.18.30Note to self: next time remember to check how the pants are before you get a photo, unless you want weird-do-i-have-man-parts-now-photos 😀

Deadlifts: 6*20kg, 6*40kg, 6*50kg, 6*60kg, 3*70kg, 1*80kg

Romanian deadlifts: 3 * 4 * 60kg

“Pullups”: I did try. Not good.

Lateral raise: 3 * 8 * 5kg + 15*3kg

Biceps curl: 3 * 8 * 7kg + 15*3kg

Headstands: 3 * against the wall. I think I managed to do 1sec without help of the wall.

Great day at the gym, I’m happy with my new pb!


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