Slow runner

I’m definetly a slow runner. 8km/h or little over feels comfortable and easy. I could try to learn how to run faster, but I’m not sure if I want to. You see, I don’t have a goal to run 10k under an hour, or run a half marathon under some time. I don’t care. I just want to finish a 21k race and say to myself (and gloat in Facebook of course) that I did it. I finished a 21k race. So what’s the point worrying about the fact that it just doesn’t feel good running 10km/h?

2013-08-15 15.46.16That being said, I went for a fast paced run last night. I’m not saying it’s a fast pace in general, but it was for me. I decided to do a 3k under 20 min. And I did. It took me 19 min to finish.

Distance: 3km, Avg.pace: 6:20 min/km, Avg.speed: 9.5 km/h

Total distance run this year: 297km 

And I hated every single minute of that 19 minutes.

2013-08-09 10.43.46I’m just gonna be happy with my 5k in 36min pace and try to finish my upcoming race in about 2:30 – 2:45 time. It’s good enough for me. Maybe I’ll now enjoy the running more, instead of being annoyed about the time.


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