Kettlebell circuit

Last day of holiday. The autumn is soon here and my 5 weeks of freedom are over. Back to the office, and to my routines. Which is kind of ok. Kind of. I wanted to go for a run (to get my 300 km done), but I have couple of blisters which hurt so gym time it was. I also missed BodyPump by 15 minutes so I ended up with kettlebell circuit.

I did swings (15 reps, 12kg), windmills (10 reps/side, 8kg), wide squats (15 reps, 12kg) and weighed crunches (20 reps, 4kg) for three rounds. Then it was jerk and press (10 reps/arm, 12kg), combined bicep curl and triceps extension (15 reps, 8kg), Romanian deadlift (15 reps, 12kg) and planks (30s, 5kg plate on my back) for three rounds. Very sweaty, very enjoyable!



One response to “Kettlebell circuit

  1. From kettlebell training I remembered that I asked from you about your training shoes long time a go. Now I think I have found good shoes exspecially for kettlebell training. Few times used and I think that new era has begin! 😀

    ( me -me – me ) 😀

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