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Weekly wrap-up, 11/2013

Week 11 done and done. I ended this week with gym. How surprising! But what is surprising, I didn’t do G6. I played around with TRX and kettlebells and barbell. Just all around fun.

photo (8)

  • 3 * 10, kettle bell swings, 16kg
  • 2 * 10, kettle bell hang clean + press, 12kg
  • 3 * 15/leg, stepping on the board
  • 3 * 10, romanian deadlift, 30kg
  • 3 * 10, TRX row
  • 3 * 10, TRX pushups
  • 3 * 10, TRX hip drop
  • 3 * 10, TRX triceps
  • 3 * 10, TRX hip raises
  • 3 * 10, TRX plank
  • 3*5 situps with a stick held up and 3 * 5 with the stick behind the shoulders (see the awesome pic below) 😀


The last one I’m proud of, last fall I couldn’t do one. Now I did 30 and it didn’t even feel hard.

I had a fun weekend, I went to my see my 17-year-old little brother on Saturday. We played Monopoly, ate too much cake and went to the movies. Great fun!




What it comes to the weekly stats, here they are:

  • Monday: BodyJam
  • Tuesday: Gym
  • Wednesday: Core training, Skating
  • Thursday: Gym
  • Friday: Running
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday: Running, Gym

Everything is going as planned, and next week will resemble pretty much this week. Then it’s time for working-my-ass-off-week.

TRX workout

Today was again meeting with the PT. He made me choice between a kettlebell or TRX workout, and I went with TRX.

Each set was done three times and there was a little break between sets:

Set 1:
One legged squat: 12 / leg
Push up: 12
Pull up: 12

Set 2:
Tricep extensions: 12
Hamstring curl: 12
Suspended crunch: 10

Set 3:
Supine pull-through: 6
Sides: 10 /side
Bicep curls: 12

The hamstring curl is a killer. I’ve done them with a swiss ball, but it’s a walk in a park compared to this move. And supine pull-through after all those triceps extensions and bicep curls was pure pain. I ❤ my PT

This is what it looks like when someone who knows what they are doing is doing it:

I’ve done TRX before, and it is really hard. The good thing is that you can easily adjust the level of difficult by simply changing how you stand. Have you guys tried TRX? (Is it just me, or does it feel like comment fishing to ask questions like this?)

Running is such a bore

I don’t get people who say that “I could run forever” or “The feeling you get from running is awesome” or “Your mind is just empty and you run run run“.

No, you couldn’t. If by “awesome” you mean “I’d rather be riding alligators or diving with sharks” then running is awesome. And the mind is not empty, you just keep thinking “when is this going to end?”.

I really really don’t like running. Why do I run then, one might ask. Well, I’ve learned that if there is some form of exercise you find either boring, too hard or impossible, then that’s the exercise you should be doing to get results. Quite simple. That’s why I run. I’ve said that I’m not going to go cross-country skiing EVER, but I might have to re-think about that. Is it boring? Yes. Do I hate it? Sir yes sir. Ugh.

Well. Today was a run day. Just because my morning swim didn’t happen. Just because I was an idiot and didn’t check if the pool was open. It wasn’t.


  • Distance: 4,21 km
  • Time: 33 min
  • Average speed: 7,43 km/h
  • Average pace: 8:04 min/km

I still have skating tonight, and bodyweight training with the girls before going on the ice. I just might skip doing the planks myself, my abs are really sore from yesterday…

Tests: done Results: not in yet

First meeting and it went fine. I didn’t die or turn into a zombie (what a pity). The Tanita scale for body composition measurements was for some reason not available, so I’ll get those results later on.

The test results are in on Thursday, but I remember some of them…

  • Squats, 30s: ~25
  • Back, 30s: ~20
  • Sit-ups, 30s: ~18
  • Push-ups, 30s: ~15
  • Dumbbell presses, 6kg dumbbells, 30s: ~20

I don’t really remember better, because I had to concentrate on doing and not counting. I’ll update the Progress-page on Thursday then (and when I get the Tanita results). After the test part, PT asked me if I was in a hurry. I said no. “Well, let’s do a little core workout then?” “Sure.”

One hour and several planks, crunches, twists and side planks later we were done. And let me tell you, it was awesome! The last rounds and reps were pure pain, and I loved every minute of it. Can’t wait for Thursday and gym.

Food diary issues

I’m supposed to keep a food diary for a week. Now, I do eat proper food, I eat my veggies, I don’t eat crappy food, I steer clear from candy/crisps/chocolate and that kinda things. Except THIS WEEK. For some reason, I just want to eat all kinda things that are bad for me. Yesterday I had kebab and candy. Today, piece of cheese cake. Small piece. Pathetic!

Maybe it’s my subconsciousness that wants to eat all kinda good-but-ah-so-unhealthy-food for this “last normal week”. It’s stupid, because this is not last normal week. Nowhere near so. I mean, my NORMAL diet is so much better than these things I now want to have. I just don’t get this. At least I’m not lying to my PT, he is just going to get a bit wrong picture of my eatings if I keep this up 😀

To make things better, I made my skating team’s girls do some bodyweight training today. I did the moves myself too, so I didn’t just slack around 😀 We did mainly core, but some push-ups too.

After the bodyweight training, we had the usual skating practice. We did lot of bits and pieces which I have planned to be part of our new programme, and had fun 🙂

Happy skating times 🙂