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Miksi se rauta painaa enemmän kuin ennen?

Onkohan joku käynyt meidän salilla vaihtamassa kiekkoja painavampiin? Oli kauhean painavia kympin kiekkoja tänään tarjolla nimittäin. Vai oliskohan syy siinä että en oo hetkeen käynyt niitä kymppejäkään nostelemassa…

Tein tänään sellaista minikuntopiiriä tavallansa.

Setti 1: 4 * 8 * 40kg: Mave, Kulmasoutu, SJMV
Setti 2: 4 * 8 * 40kg: Kyykyt, Askelkyykyt
Setti 3: 3 * 8 * 8kg: Flyes (kp), Ojentajat, Viparit, Hauiskäännöt
Ja päälle vähän vatsalihasjuttuja sitä sun tätä. Hyvät setit. Kuten oli myös treeninjälkeishampurilainen ja hampurilaisjälkeisvohveli.

Set 1: / DeadliftsBarbell rowRomanian deadlift
Set 2: 4 * 8 * 40kg: Squats, Lunges
Set 3: 3 * 8 * 8kg: Dumbbell flyes, Tricep extensions, Lateral raises, Bicep curls
And then some ab-things. All sorts. Pretty good gym. Totally earned my hamburber and waffles after it.

Lauantai-illan hupia / Saturday night fever

Liikunta on suhteellisen addiktoivaa puuhaa. Vielä viiden aikaan tänään olin ihan varma, että en tasan lähde tekemään mitään liikuntapuuhia. Seiskalta olin lenkkipolulla. Tosin en juossut kovin pitkää lenkkiä, kun ei oikein sujunut. Miten vaikeaa se on muka pistää tossua toisen eteen? Tein sitten pienen kuntopiirin lenkin perään: dippejä, punnerruksia, erilaisia kyykkyjä ja vähän vatsalihasjuttuja. Maisemat olivat ihan jees tällä ulkotreenisalilla:2013-08-24 20.23.32View from my gym! And my gym: 2013-08-24 20.24.12Sen lisäksi että tossu ei liikkunut toisen eteen helposti tänään, oli vikaa myös treenikamoissa. Paita hilautui ärsyttävästi ylöspäin koko ajan, ja sortsit olivat liian lyhyet. Ei hyvä. Näistä kaikista ärsyttävyysasioista huolimatta tuli sitä pari kilsaa hölköteltyä:

Stats: 4km, Avg.pace: 6:36 min/km, Avg.speed: 9.1 km/h
Total: 308km 2013-08-24 20.25.00Today I had decided to spend the evening at my sofa, but couldn’t do it. So just a small run, which didn’t go that well. My shorts were too short and my top kept riding up. And even the running didn’t feel good. I ran just 4k and did a little circuit with dips, pushups, squats and abs things. It’s still something eh? The views were gorgeous anyway 🙂


Circuit workout

It took me over two hours of procrastinating and lazying at the house before I got my gym pack together and headed for the weights. Now I’m a routine-loving-person. But I need some variation in my routines to keep things interesting. Like running. It sounds stupid to get in a car and drive to go running, but new scenery makes things more interesting. So even though I have my gym programs, I tend to not follow them precisely. My goals are not so precise, as I just want to be fitter and stronger that I’m now, and I want to enjoy the workouts I do (most of the time). So it’s fine to go to the gym and not do a shoulder workout and go dancing instead. At least “going to the gym” -routine is still going strong 😉

2013-07-16 13.02.09


Instead of a back and chest workout, I did a circuit.

Set 1: 4 rounds, 8 reps/move, 12kg kettle bell: Swing, Sumo High Pull, Lunges

Set 2: 3 rounds, 8 reps/move, 6kg and 4kg dumbbells: Lateral raises, Lat raise + Peck deck, Row

Set 3: 4 rounds, 8 reps/move, 20kg (not in lunges): Clean + Jerk, Romanian deadlift, Jumping lunges

Set 4: 3 rounds, 8 reps/move: Crunches (8kg), Pushups,  Hammercurl (6kg), Tricep extension (12kg)

Good workout!

2013-07-16 13.02.01

Trying out: Les Mills GRIT Strength

Instead of gym, I went to see what is this GRIT about. According to Les Mills,

Using the Les Mills SMARTBAR™, weight plates and the bench, LES MILLS GRIT™STRENGTH is an intense 30-minute team training session that will blast all major muscle groups and take your training to the next level. 

So basically, it’s a HIIT workout with weights. The instructor said that we should use 1/3 of our bodyweight in the songs that use Smartbar, but I took things a little (maybe too much so) easier and used only 15kg this time around. And yes, it was seriously too little. But then again, the song where we did clean and presses, jumps and rows, one had to hold on to the bar for the whole song. And believe me, it was a long song. My grip couldn’t have handled 1/3 of my bodyweight in that song….

Otherwise, it was refreshing and hard. Next time I know to use more weights, and try to handle all those burpees too. Here’s a review of this GRIT, by Bek.

photo (9)

(I had little extra time before the class started…) How’s your Tuesday gone?

Monday Magic: Circuit + BodyJam

The grappling circuit is great little workout to do before some aerobic thing like BodyJam. I’m still trying to figure out the weights and rhythm which works for me, but I’m getting closer.

  • Bent over row * 8
  • Upright row * 8
  • Military press * 8
  • Good morning * 8
  • Split squats * 8/leg
  • Squat * 8
  • Dead lift * 8

Today I started with two warm-up rounds: 6 reps / move, with 5kg weights. After that, it was circuit time. 17kg weights and 8 reps / move. Now we are beginning to talk. I’m pretty sure I could do this with 20kg, and that might just be my goal for next month 🙂


And the BodyJam, great as usual ❤ I really like the house choreography, and I’m starting to learn the program by heart, so I can focus on having fun and not the steps.

Good start for this week!

Circuit and BodyJam equals good Monday

Why is it that Mondays typically suck? Like pouring salt into the wounds, I had a very difficult meeting to top of my not-so-great-Monday. Luckily, the gym saved me. It always does. If I feel bad and life sucks, gym helps. I did circuit training before BodyJam, and for some reason I now feel the effects in my legs. Or maybe I just danced more than usual 🙂

Circuit moves stayed the same, but I used 15kg instead of 10kg. And it was still a bit easy. So maybe bigger weights next time. Six rounds, 1 minute of rest between rounds.

  • Bent over row * 8
  • Upright row * 8
  • Military press * 8
  • Good morning * 8
  • Split squats * 8/leg
  • Squat + push press * 8
  • Dead lift * 8

At Jam, the instructor made us change places between songs. You “had to” give high-five to two people and then change place. It was actually fun, and I ended up in the front row. Me. Front row. At BodyJam. I mean, I’m the girl who hides in the back corner. The corner in which it is basically impossible to see oneself from the mirror. But well, I just didn’t look as daft as I thought. So maybe next time I’ll pick my place differently 🙂

My legs are really really tired, so maybe a little bit of stretching before sleep…