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TRX pain and BodyBalance 58

I knew today was a gym day, but I just didn’t feel like doing squats or pushups with swissball. I pondered my options and decided to go for TRX.


Each set was done three times (except I just remembered that I did the first set just twice. Ubs.) and there was a little break between sets:

Set 1:
One legged squat: 12 / leg
Push up: 12
Pull up: 12

Set 2:
Tricep extensions: 12
Hamstring curl: 12
Suspended crunch: 10

Set 3:
Supine pull-through: 10
Sides: 10 /side
Bicep curls: 12


After TRX I went to BodyBalance to test the newest release. I’m really not sure what to think of it. I liked the sun salutations, balance, hip openers, twists and forward bends, but hated core and back strength. Maybe I’ll give this release a change and do it couple of times (before deciding to hate it too much).

What have you guys been up to today? Gym? Running?