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Just one more rep

I met up with my PT today for a “Just one more rep and then you die” -workout. Basically it was simple “let’s get one muscle group exhausted at a time and then work it out some more” type of thing. As seen on many fitness forums.

  • Squats: 1*10 20kg, 1 * 8 70kg, 3 * 8 90kg
  • Quad extensions: 20 reps, 45kg
  • Bench press: 1 * 10 20kg, 2 * 8 42,5kg, 2 * 6 45kg
  • Cross-cable fly: 20 reps, 7,5kg
  • Close grip front lat pulldown: 3 * 8 50kg, 1 * 7 55kg
  • Cable row: 20 reps 35kg
  • Bicep curls with barbell: 2 * 8, 2 * 6
  • Bicep curls with dumbbells: 20 reps, 5kg
  • EZ bar triceps extension: 1 * 8 14kg, 3 * 8 19kg
  • Cable triceps extension: (lost count, maybe 25?) 10kg
  • Hoovers, various kinds

I did all the moves first until “failure”, so that the PT had to help me out with last two reps on about every move. Then we went and killed the poor muscle group that had just workout so hard with the following exercise (20 reps).

I’m definitely gonna do that workout again. And hey, 90kg squats AND PB in bench press! Go me!

Tabata at the gym aka I’m sure PT was trying to finish me off

30 sec per move, 15 sec breaks and every move is repeated eight times. I call this fun way to spend an hour on Friday afternoon, some might call it a torture. Yes, today was quality time with my PT again. I was a bit early so I did 15 min of crosstrainer for warm-up and then we started.

  • Rowing: 30 sec full speed, the stop for 15 sec. Repeat 8 times.
  • Smith squats with 30kg: same here, just add more pain
  • Seal jack-knives (see the explanation at the end of this post): try not to imagine how you look like, laughing is not an option when doing this move.
  • Rope skipping: my calves started to cramp midway, so we did only four rounds of this.
  • TRX rows and pushups: row for 30sec, rest for 15sec, pushups for 30sec, rest for 15sec. Repeat this set 6 times and cry a little.
  • Bike riding: 30 sec full speed, then stop for 15 sec. Repeat again 8 times. My thighs were on fire for the last 7 rounds.
  • Hoover: same here, just add violent shaking and tiredness and a PT who SAYS that this time it’s 20s/10s, but it was 30s/15s anyway.
  • Go home and lay on the floor for awhile.

And the explanation for the seal jack-knife move (that’s my word, feel free to use it):

First you do a normal jack knife. Then you do a little move like this:

Our seal here did only half of the move, you have to do a full turn. And then do another jack knife. Roll again making sure that legs and hands and head do not touch the floor. Repeat. Easy, even seals (and I) can do it!

Now I’ll just crawl to my bed and die. Or something. Have a nice Friday you all!

Basic gym with PT

I’m still continuing my upper and lower gym workouts for a month or so, but today we did some old fashion basic workouts with my PT.

“I have no idea what he has come up with this time.”

Well, this is what we did:

  • Squats with Smith: 4 * 10 reps, 45kg
  • Pulldown: 4 * 10 reps, 35kg
  • Intervalls: 1 min walk – 30s run – 1 min walk – 30s run – 1 min walk – 30s run – 30s walk
  • Bench press: 4 * 10 reps, 35kg (20kg bar + 7.5kg plates)
  • Dead-lift: 4 * 10 reps, 35kg (20kg bar + 7.5kg plates)
  • Intervalls: 1 min walk – 30s run – 1 min walk – 30s run – 1 min walk – 30s run – 30s walk
  • Tricep extention: 4 * 10 reps, 15kg plate
  • Abs, leg raise + crunch: 4 * 10 reps

I have a sneaky PT, we were trying to find decent weights for squats and pulldown,  and he added more weights without telling me.

“Whoa, this seems heavy. Am I so easily tired?”
“No, I added 5kg plates because you didn’t even grimace.”

Just so you people know, I have learned not to make a face or grimace. When you are a skater, tumble and fall or screw up your steps, you just smile even bigger and don’t show that you are in pain. Apparently it’s bad tactics with this PT 😀

Another grey day in Finland.

But the colors of autumn are spectacular 🙂

I had plans to go to the street dance class, but I just crawled home. And yes, I will be doing some stretching today too 🙂

TRX workout

Today was again meeting with the PT. He made me choice between a kettlebell or TRX workout, and I went with TRX.

Each set was done three times and there was a little break between sets:

Set 1:
One legged squat: 12 / leg
Push up: 12
Pull up: 12

Set 2:
Tricep extensions: 12
Hamstring curl: 12
Suspended crunch: 10

Set 3:
Supine pull-through: 6
Sides: 10 /side
Bicep curls: 12

The hamstring curl is a killer. I’ve done them with a swiss ball, but it’s a walk in a park compared to this move. And supine pull-through after all those triceps extensions and bicep curls was pure pain. I ❤ my PT

This is what it looks like when someone who knows what they are doing is doing it:

I’ve done TRX before, and it is really hard. The good thing is that you can easily adjust the level of difficult by simply changing how you stand. Have you guys tried TRX? (Is it just me, or does it feel like comment fishing to ask questions like this?)

Chin-ups, here I come

One of my goals I want to achieve is being able to do chin-ups (chinups? how do you spell it?). Today I had a meeting with PT again, and this time we did upperbody workout. The goal: to get towards chin-ups.

This program has also four sets of movement pairs and is hard to do 😀 I just hope I’m not in too much pain tomorrow 😀

Set 1:
Chin-ups (Smith):
3 * 15-18 reps
This is an easier option, just building up towards actual ones.
Push-ups and pull-ins with swiss ball: 3 * 12-15 reps
My hands were already killing me…

Set 2:
Lat machine:
3 * 15-18 reps, 30kg
Back machine: 3 * 15-18 reps, 25kg/30kg (the sneaky PT added 5kg to the last series and didn’t say anything, grrr..)
Haven’t done back with a machine for ages, but it was good. As was lat machine too.

Set 3:
Pullover on the bench:
3 * 15-18 reps, 8kg dumbbell
Bicep curl + shoulder press: 3 * 15 – 18 reps, 6kg dumbbells
Pullover did some time to go smoothly, at first it was hard to find the right way to move my arms. And shoulder press, I hate you too.

Set 4:
Cable crossover:
3 * 15-18 reps, 6.25kg
Twists: 3 * 15 / side, 5kg plate
This was surprisingly nice, didn’t hate crossover right away. I still don’t like it, but I’m still doing it. Promise.

That kinda upper body workout, sounds fun! And sweaty. Tomorrow is probably going to be a running up that hill -day. Thursday and Friday = gym.

I also got my results back (partly) from the tests. To put it in a nutshell: I’m fat but in excellent shape 😀 Let’s keep the shape and get rid of unwanted fat then 😉

Legs on fire

Still feeling the effects of the first gym workout with PT. I’m pretty sure I’m going to curse that guy straight to Hell everytime I’m doing this set. But if it hurts, it’s good for me. Right?

This is what I do for now, Gym 1:

For warmup and the end, some running on a treadmill, then off we go! (And sweat.)

Set 1:
Kettlebell swings: 3*15-18 reps, 12kg
One-legged kettlebell deadlift: 3*12-15 reps, 12kg / leg
Nothing too hard here, just getting warm. Kind of boosting one’s self confidence here: “Aaaah, this is easy, I can do this.”

Set 2:
Lunges (forward, side, backwards): 3*5+5+5 reps/ leg, 15kg plate
Standing on Bosu, rotating plate over head: 3*10 reps / direction
The second set of lunges is starting to hurt, and the plate keeps getting so sweaty that I need to wrap it in a towel. This is the part where the doubts are creeping in: “I guess I’ll just drop dead in the middle of lunge set.”

Set 3:
Stepping on a bench: 3*10 reps / leg, 10kg plate
Side bend: 3*20 reps / side, 10kg plate
Stepping on a bench is pure pain, tha last set at least. “I wish I’d dropped dead in the middle of lunge set, why didn’t I?”

Set 4:
Ab crunch machine: 3*15-18 reps, 25kg
Leg press machine: 3*15-18 reps, 90kg
This last set is just a walk in the park 😀 “Whoa, I survived and did it!”

I thought that I was in good shape. Now I feel like I am not, and that I need to work my ass off to get even to a decent level 😀 I really like all moves, they are not just isolating some parts, but I get a full body workout. Apparently now my metabolism should get a jump start and the extra pounds are just melting away (haha, yea right). Now it might be a good time to get myself up from the couch and go for a little walk. And stretching after that..

I’m gonna do this on Sunday too, and on Tuesday I’m getting the food instructions and the Gym 2 program. So life is good in Finland 🙂

Tests: done Results: not in yet

First meeting and it went fine. I didn’t die or turn into a zombie (what a pity). The Tanita scale for body composition measurements was for some reason not available, so I’ll get those results later on.

The test results are in on Thursday, but I remember some of them…

  • Squats, 30s: ~25
  • Back, 30s: ~20
  • Sit-ups, 30s: ~18
  • Push-ups, 30s: ~15
  • Dumbbell presses, 6kg dumbbells, 30s: ~20

I don’t really remember better, because I had to concentrate on doing and not counting. I’ll update the Progress-page on Thursday then (and when I get the Tanita results). After the test part, PT asked me if I was in a hurry. I said no. “Well, let’s do a little core workout then?” “Sure.”

One hour and several planks, crunches, twists and side planks later we were done. And let me tell you, it was awesome! The last rounds and reps were pure pain, and I loved every minute of it. Can’t wait for Thursday and gym.