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Pilates, that’s hard core s**t

2012-12-10 15.11.52

I started today’s workouts with half an hour kettle bell class. I haven’t done that in ages, and now my hands are sore. Great. And I just used 8kg and 12kg bells. Then I had half an hour for stretching as I waited the Pilates to start. Let me tell you, this was about my third or fourth Pilates class, and it just keeps getting tougher. All those pushup variations killed my arms for the good. But, great exercise, do go and try it for yourselves!

New workout plan is here

I got my new workout plan from my PT today. It has something called “rest” and I’m not sure what that means.. Just kidding. I know that in order to develop the body needs time to rest and recover too. But it’s too hard! Why can’t I just a little go to BodyJam or BodyCombat, why do I need to just rest? I gotta figure out some new hobbies for those rest days. Any suggestions? Or maybe I’ll just use the time and plan future workouts?

But the point was to analyze and talk about the new plan. I have one light week, two normal weeks and one hard week. And back to light week. Et cetera. I have four types of exercises: active recovery, basic endurance, speed endurance and gym. (And that “rest”-thingy.) I don’t have to give up my girl workout jumping around classes, which is great! Basically I continue what I do, but have more rhythm and more rest. I decided that this week is light week, since I had planned already to go to Pilates class again and just so it happend that in my new and shiny schedule there was “active recovery” reserved for today. Pilates was nice, except it felt a lot harder than last time. Maybe I was doing something right this time!

Now my problem is that how do I manage to fit this schedule to my work life (I have some of that too). I have quite a few work trips coming up, which means that I leave home around 6:30AM and come back around 7:30PM. And spend 4 hours a day in a train. Why oh why they don’t have one train car for working out? That would be so cool!

What else. Oh! I was asked in this blog’s Facebook that am I going to write about sports injuries. I would, but my sports related injuries tend to be bruises and sore muscles from falling on the ice. Like this:

Or like this:

I have been lucky and not injured anything badly (knock on wood here), if one does not count one broken ankle when I was eight or nine. My right knee is kinda wobbly  but I keep it in shape by keeping the muscles close it in shape (actually, that is the one of the reasons I started going to the gym = doctors orders).

What I have learned about sports injuries through my skating is that you should always heal yourself before going back in the game. And visit a doctor who knows about sports injuries.

There, I managed to end this post with some “Do as I tell you, don’t do what I do” preaching 😀