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Tabata aka how to die

Half an hour, 350kcal burned, average heart rate 148bpm and max heart rate 182bpm. That’s Tabata for you. I can’t say it’s fun. But it’s efficient and it’s possible to push yourself to the limits. We had five moves:

  • Squat, then run couple of meters sideways, squat, run back. 
  • Jump from squat to plank and back (hands kept on floor all the time) / jump back alternating the side of the hands
  • Jump lunges
  • Stand on one leg, then “dive” to the floor to do a pushup and push back up (hands come about 50cm in front of the feet)
  • Hold a dumbbell in front of you with both hands, sumo squat and bring the dumbbell down, then jump up and bring the dumbbell above your head and legs together. Then back down to the sumo squat.

It’s only 30 minute class, but it feels that it never ends… I kept my promise and did some 45min of yoga. I can’t believe I’m so inflexible nowadays. It’s really annoying. But at least I know that I can change that by doing lots of yoga and stretching. Easier said than done 😀

photo (17)Someone has found a new app to edit photos with iPhone. And that someone should use hairbrush more often I think. 

Tabata and skating

My skating team always has one hour before our ice in a kind of a dance room (mirrors on the other side of the room, windows looking out to ice rink on the other side) and on competing season we use the hour the go through the program. But as we are not competing this year, we use it for workouts. Mobility, strength and that kind of things.

Guess what we did today?

photoTabata! Eight sets of 20s action with 10s rests.

  • Hindu squats
  • Pushups
  • Jumping lunges
  • Mountain climbers
  • Crunches

Fairly effective, we are definitely doing this again. Maybe just skating full speed for 20s and then resting 10s?

photo (1)

Tabata at the gym aka I’m sure PT was trying to finish me off

30 sec per move, 15 sec breaks and every move is repeated eight times. I call this fun way to spend an hour on Friday afternoon, some might call it a torture. Yes, today was quality time with my PT again. I was a bit early so I did 15 min of crosstrainer for warm-up and then we started.

  • Rowing: 30 sec full speed, the stop for 15 sec. Repeat 8 times.
  • Smith squats with 30kg: same here, just add more pain
  • Seal jack-knives (see the explanation at the end of this post): try not to imagine how you look like, laughing is not an option when doing this move.
  • Rope skipping: my calves started to cramp midway, so we did only four rounds of this.
  • TRX rows and pushups: row for 30sec, rest for 15sec, pushups for 30sec, rest for 15sec. Repeat this set 6 times and cry a little.
  • Bike riding: 30 sec full speed, then stop for 15 sec. Repeat again 8 times. My thighs were on fire for the last 7 rounds.
  • Hoover: same here, just add violent shaking and tiredness and a PT who SAYS that this time it’s 20s/10s, but it was 30s/15s anyway.
  • Go home and lay on the floor for awhile.

And the explanation for the seal jack-knife move (that’s my word, feel free to use it):

First you do a normal jack knife. Then you do a little move like this:

Our seal here did only half of the move, you have to do a full turn. And then do another jack knife. Roll again making sure that legs and hands and head do not touch the floor. Repeat. Easy, even seals (and I) can do it!

Now I’ll just crawl to my bed and die. Or something. Have a nice Friday you all!

Trying out: Tabata

I’m a pretty much stuck with my workout selection. I don’t try new things that often, but every now and then it’s kind of obligatory I think. Today I went to Tabata-class. It’s basically a interval workout. Nothing fancy, except the name. And of course, it burns more fat and more calories than anything else and you should do just that. Well now, I’m not that sure that this method of training is better than rest of it. But it was fun though. And I think that training should be fun.

Mirror photography, ballerina bun and just waiting for the class to start. For some weird reason, that particular hall is called “The Blue Hall”. No idea why 😀

So, what is Tabata? Interval training, that lasted for 30 minutes. There were 5 basic bodyweight overall moves (squat jumps, sit-up + get up, pushup + jump, boxing with dumbbells, hoovers). Each move is done 8 times 20 seconds at a time, 10 sec break between them. Then you have a minute for a break and go again. Oh man it was fun! Hard, not too hard, but challenging. And it is totally up to me, how hard the class is.


I’m going to sneak this class to my weekly schedule, just because it got the heart rate up and it’s a nice change between gym and well. Gym. Gotta get back on spin bike, running, BodyJam and BodyCombat 😀