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Cycling around lake Pyhäjärvi

I was pretty sure mother nature was again going to be a bitch and make my cycling workout as rainy as possible, but no! It was raining all day, but miraculously the sun came out just as I hopped on my bike. My goal was to cycle around lake Pyhäjärvi.


The route was muddy and slow, but views were great. After about 22km I noticed that my other tire was more than little empty. And that I was slower than I had thought. And I was really really hungry. So I ditched my original plan to cycle to my bf’s place, parked the bike in the center of town and took the bus instead. I just hope no one takes my bike 🙂


I was kinda uncomfortable while waiting the bus in my thights, red faced and sweaty smack in the center of Tampere, but at least I remembered to take my helmet off 🙂

Duration: 1:55
Distance: 26.75
Average speed: 13.94 km/h
Average pace: 4:18 min/km


Look! Amazing backward-bending knees (and my biking shoes by Converse)


Tri workout, here it goes

I figured that if I’m gonna actually go and get through a triathlon, I might just need to work hard for it. And by working hard I mean reading triathlon forums and blogs. If you have some nice blogs you know of, can you link them? 🙂

Yesterday it was a rest day, so today my mind craved some exercise. I hopped on my bike and went for a ride. Now why is it that every time I go for a bike ride, the rain starts pouring down? And I don’t mean just a small little rain, I mean heavy downpour. Why?

A friend of mine told me, that the change from cycling to running is the shittiest part and it is going to need some rehearsing and getting used to it. And let me tell you, it was shitty. I only did 1,5k, and it was so hard to get my legs actually running. My poor legs are in for some serious stretching tonight. (Watching the Biggest Loser season 8 finale is also on my agenda..) But the workout stats:


  • Distance: 18,61 km
  • Duration: 1h 03 min
  • Average speed: 17,5 km/h
  • Max. speed: 34,1 km/h


  • Distance: 1,57 km
  • Duration: 10:45 min
  • Average speed: 6:5 min/km
  • Max. speed: 4:02 min/km

Here it goes!

Sometimes it just doesn’t go that well

Meet my new nemesis, 16kg kettle bell. We met last time I did a leg day. I thought we hit it off, but apparently not. That darn piece of metal made some damage to my left hamstring I’m afraid. Been stretching it and been nice to the poor muscle, let’s see what happens.

For some reason, this was a very bad gym day. I was supposed to do hip thrusts with a barbell. Instead (I have no idea why) I did them with 25kg plate. Which is ridiculously hard to balance on your hips without crushing your hip bones.

Well. Luckily I managed to do all lunges and things before the hamstring issue, yay!

  • Lunges: 3*10 on both legs, 30kg
  • Leg press: 10/10/8/8/6/6 reps, 180/180/200/200/230/230kg
  • Hamstrings with kettle bell: 10/10/10 reps, 16kg
  • Reverse hyper extensions: 10/10/10 reps
  • Crunches with swiss ball: 10/10/10 reps
  • Alternate heel touchers: 10/10/10

Oh, and I started training for the tri! 😀 I cycled for 3k and ran for 1,5k. Hah.




Let’s make this official.

In the summer 2013, I will participate in a triathlon event. I have just two conditions:

1. There will be medals for EVERYONE participating.

2. I don’t have to break the ice to get swimming. 

There. Now I have to do it. Damn.