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Weekly wrap-up, 11/2013

Week 11 done and done. I ended this week with gym. How surprising! But what is surprising, I didn’t do G6. I played around with TRX and kettlebells and barbell. Just all around fun.

photo (8)

  • 3 * 10, kettle bell swings, 16kg
  • 2 * 10, kettle bell hang clean + press, 12kg
  • 3 * 15/leg, stepping on the board
  • 3 * 10, romanian deadlift, 30kg
  • 3 * 10, TRX row
  • 3 * 10, TRX pushups
  • 3 * 10, TRX hip drop
  • 3 * 10, TRX triceps
  • 3 * 10, TRX hip raises
  • 3 * 10, TRX plank
  • 3*5 situps with a stick held up and 3 * 5 with the stick behind the shoulders (see the awesome pic below) 😀


The last one I’m proud of, last fall I couldn’t do one. Now I did 30 and it didn’t even feel hard.

I had a fun weekend, I went to my see my 17-year-old little brother on Saturday. We played Monopoly, ate too much cake and went to the movies. Great fun!




What it comes to the weekly stats, here they are:

  • Monday: BodyJam
  • Tuesday: Gym
  • Wednesday: Core training, Skating
  • Thursday: Gym
  • Friday: Running
  • Saturday:
  • Sunday: Running, Gym

Everything is going as planned, and next week will resemble pretty much this week. Then it’s time for working-my-ass-off-week.

More squats

Sunday gym and legs. I prefer working out legs any time. Biceps curls seem so boring for some reason. I also have this irrational fear of growing Hulk-shoulders (which is not going to actually happen ever in real life) which also makes me kind of hate working out arms. Stupid? Yes, it is.

2013-01-27 12.50.55


  • Squats: 10 * 20kg, 10 * 35kg, 10 * 40kg, 10 * 45kg, 10 * 50kg
  • Romanian deadlifts: 6 * 6, 50kg
  • Bent over barbell row: 4 * 6, 50kg
  • Deadlifts: 10 *20kg, 6 * 50kg, 6 * 55kg, 6 * 60kg, 6 * 65kg
  • Bench press: 3 * 6, 40kg ( I did this only to achieve a quest in Fitocracy, so sad isn’t it?)
  • Pistol squats: 3 * 6/leg, 5kg kettle bell
  • Suspended crunch with TRX: 3 * 8

Quite ok. I intended to do one legged squats with TRX, but the TRX was taken. It’s always free, I don’t know what the hell happend. But did pistol squats then. I remember when I was younger, we always did them when doing strength training as figure skaters. And I wasn’t that good in them then either…

I thought about going skiing today after gym, but didn’t feel like it. Now I have been just laying on the couch watching Netflix instead 😀 I’m addicted to British crime series… They are much more fun than American ones. Not too many pretty people and much more sarcasm and irony!

TRX pain and BodyBalance 58

I knew today was a gym day, but I just didn’t feel like doing squats or pushups with swissball. I pondered my options and decided to go for TRX.


Each set was done three times (except I just remembered that I did the first set just twice. Ubs.) and there was a little break between sets:

Set 1:
One legged squat: 12 / leg
Push up: 12
Pull up: 12

Set 2:
Tricep extensions: 12
Hamstring curl: 12
Suspended crunch: 10

Set 3:
Supine pull-through: 10
Sides: 10 /side
Bicep curls: 12


After TRX I went to BodyBalance to test the newest release. I’m really not sure what to think of it. I liked the sun salutations, balance, hip openers, twists and forward bends, but hated core and back strength. Maybe I’ll give this release a change and do it couple of times (before deciding to hate it too much).

What have you guys been up to today? Gym? Running?

TRX workout

Today was again meeting with the PT. He made me choice between a kettlebell or TRX workout, and I went with TRX.

Each set was done three times and there was a little break between sets:

Set 1:
One legged squat: 12 / leg
Push up: 12
Pull up: 12

Set 2:
Tricep extensions: 12
Hamstring curl: 12
Suspended crunch: 10

Set 3:
Supine pull-through: 6
Sides: 10 /side
Bicep curls: 12

The hamstring curl is a killer. I’ve done them with a swiss ball, but it’s a walk in a park compared to this move. And supine pull-through after all those triceps extensions and bicep curls was pure pain. I ❤ my PT

This is what it looks like when someone who knows what they are doing is doing it:

I’ve done TRX before, and it is really hard. The good thing is that you can easily adjust the level of difficult by simply changing how you stand. Have you guys tried TRX? (Is it just me, or does it feel like comment fishing to ask questions like this?)