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Kämmenet auki ja kuperkeikalla taakse

Kävin tänään vähän tekemässä lisää kärrynpyöriä. Tällä kertaa joku jopa antoi vinkkejä miten ne pitää tehdä, ja tunti oli paljon kivampi kuin se lauantainen alkeistelinevoimistelu, josta puuttuivat ne varsinaiset alkeet. Erilaisia siltoja (miten ihmisen koordinaatiokyky voi kadota ihan täysin kun ei ollakaan enää sillai jalat maassa ja pää ylimpänä), kuperkeikkoja ja muuta tehtiin tunnin verran. Seuraava tunti olikin sitten ihan uusi tuttavuus, johon menin kun tiiti käski (saatan olla vähän helposti houkuteltavissa). Katosta roikkui rengas, jolla sitten piti tehdä jos jonkin näköistä temppua. Tai olisi pitänyt, mutta mää en päässyt siihen renkaalle edes istumaan. Jos katsotte tuosta videosta ekat 30s, niin mää pääsin melkein ne. En vaan jotenkaan saa nätisti nostettua jalkoja ylös, saati väännettyä itseäni tuonne ylös istumaan.

Ihan oikeasti. Mulla on ensinnäkin liikaa painoa, ja luultavasti myös liian vähän voimia. Kämmenkin aukes tuossa tohinassa. Taidan etsiä jostain koulun pihalta rekkitangon, ja treenata tuota perusneulansilmää siellä. Pimeässä. Ettei kukaan näe mun mahamakkaraa, joka on tiellä tuollaisissa “rutista itsesi ihan ruttuun”-liikkeissä. Eipä sillä, kyllä mää varmaan meen joskus toistekin kokeilemaan tota rinkulahommaa, mutta pitää kehittää voimia ensin jostain sitä varten. Ja opetella olemaan välittämättä mahamakkarasta, sen karkoittaminen vaatii kuitenkin vähän enemmän. Aikaa, lähinnä. Ja parannella auennut kämmen.

Cartwheels and bridges were in the program today. It’s amazing how one’s coordination abilities vanish into thin air when one is not just standing. It’s surprisingly difficult figure out which way is left when you are doing the bridge at the same time. I also tried something called aerial hoop (or ring or lyra). Man it was hard. If you look at the video, I managed to do the first 30s what that lady is doing. Except I couldn’t get my fat ass up so the sitting part didn’t happen. I’m also lacking strength and technique. Also, I was painfully aware of my big stomach all the time, and that’s not good. I might go again to that ring thing, but first I have to loose some weight and learn not to care about my fat rolls (since they are not going away in a week or two). Oh, and I also got to let my palm to heal, it kinda opened up during practice today 😀

Finnish baseball (and some running)

Once a year, a friend of mine invites her friends to a sand field to play some Finnish baseball. A lot of standing, plenty of running after the ball and some sprinting from base to base. I have never been great, good or even mediocre in the fine art of Finnish baseball. But who cares, I wanted to play anyway.

2013-07-21 15.01.51I’m a decent what it comes to throwing the ball. So I spent most of my time on the outer field. It was fun to play. Last time I played must have been about 10 years ago. Can’t blame me for too much practicing 🙂

2013-07-21 15.01.57Our Swedish player played well, and apparently he’s invited next year too. Everyone had troubles hitting the ball, but we did have a good time still. My team took a beating and we lost 20-10 or something like that.

After the game, I ran home. Now I’ve done my four runs for this week. Next week, it seems that there’s four again (45min, 30min, 100min and 45min). Three times a week is good. Four is a bit too much. But I’ll just do what my calendar tells me, and I’ll survive the half-marathon.

Distance: 5.0km, Avg.pace: 7:13 min/km, Avg.speed: 8.3 km/h

Total distance run this year: 236km


I’ve been busy

I know, I know. It’s not an excuse for not working out, being busy and all. But I was busy getting married! And partying! I’m happy to admit that June didn’t quite go as I planned workout-wise, but it did go as I planned (even better) on getting-married-wise. So yay!

Yesterday the happily married (how many times one is allowed to use the word married in one post without getting annoying?) couple went for a little walk. We ended up playing miniature golf.



I lost. Damn! But all was well, since the winner took me for a hamburger. So no hard feelings here.




Fun weekend this was, truly 🙂

Oh, I did manage to go for a run today. Just a short and little one. The heart rate had to be kept under 80% of max, and boy it was annoying to run that slow…

Distance: 4km, Avg.pace: 7:3 min/km, Avg.speed: 8 km/h

Total distance run this year: 180km

Trying out: Les Mills GRIT Strength

Instead of gym, I went to see what is this GRIT about. According to Les Mills,

Using the Les Mills SMARTBAR™, weight plates and the bench, LES MILLS GRIT™STRENGTH is an intense 30-minute team training session that will blast all major muscle groups and take your training to the next level. 

So basically, it’s a HIIT workout with weights. The instructor said that we should use 1/3 of our bodyweight in the songs that use Smartbar, but I took things a little (maybe too much so) easier and used only 15kg this time around. And yes, it was seriously too little. But then again, the song where we did clean and presses, jumps and rows, one had to hold on to the bar for the whole song. And believe me, it was a long song. My grip couldn’t have handled 1/3 of my bodyweight in that song….

Otherwise, it was refreshing and hard. Next time I know to use more weights, and try to handle all those burpees too. Here’s a review of this GRIT, by Bek.

photo (9)

(I had little extra time before the class started…) How’s your Tuesday gone?

Pole dancing, fear at the cliff and wrapping it up 24/2013

This was a unusual week 🙂 On Tuesday I went roller skating, on Wednesday it was gym, on Friday I went for a run and on Saturday it was my bachelorette party! I’m lucky to have friends who understand what I really enjoy and what I think is fun. We started the morning with a pole dancing class. It was hard! And great fun. The ever lovely Henriikka Roo (The Finnish and North European Champion 2013) gave us a class on the pole. It’s more acrobatics then dancing, and it was really difficult. But we all did learn couple of new tricks 🙂





Some of us were better and stronger 😀 After the pole dancing we went to have some brunch and then some hanging around at the minigolf course. I loved the fact that it didn’t matter how many points I got, I won anyway!

IMG_6733Next stop for our day was a 40m tall rock face. And the first task: get down.

IMG_4729I’m still smiling, since I haven’t looked down…



What comes down, must go up.



It’s a wonder how one actually can go up on the rock face, but it was good fun. And I really enjoyed it. The scariest part was the looking down part. You hold on the rock with your fingertips and couple of toes and realize that you must look down in order to see where to put your feet. And then just trust your legs and push up. It was thrilling and great, I definitely want to go again! And I think tiiti also enjoyed the experience, since we might have made some plans to go and learn the tricks of the rope climbing 🙂

Then it was time to eat, have a sauna and enjoy the rest of the evening. What a great day, I really have the best friends!




Amazing views, can’t complain 🙂



Testing out: barefoot shoes

Running again. I bought Merrel’s barefoot trainers some time ago, but I haven’t done any running with them yet. Today I went again to Kauppi, since the track is softer than pavement and thus a good place to try out my pink shoes. Barefoot running is supposed to naturally reduce impact on the ground by forcing the runner to land on mid-foot or fore-foot rather than on the heel. Natural cushioning that is. I’m not going to get rid of my softer shoes, but I’m gonna give these flat ones a change too.

It does feel a bit different to run with un-cushioned shoes. My calfs are way more tired than usually. And I ran slower than usual. But maybe when I get hang of the new (to me) running technique, the pace will pick up too.

I also biked to the track and back, about 8k all together cycling. Then running up and down and up and down and up and down the hills in the forest. Fun! Let’s see if my legs are sore tomorrow 🙂

Distance: 5.2km, Avg.pace: – min/km, Avg.speed: 8 km/h 

Total distance run this year: 156km (200km coming up, yaiks!)

Snowshoes, sun and Arnold

This blog is turning into Arnold fan blog. Or I’m turning into Arnold’s Golden Six -fan girl! Which isn’t a bad thing. That program is something else. It’s short enough which means it does not get boring. And one doesn’t have to do just legs. Or arms. Let’s see if I still like G6 after this month. But at the moment, I’m a fan. Before the gym I did something else though.

2013-03-07 13.49.28-1

2013-03-07 13.49.34-1

We had a project kickoff day at work. First it was 3 hours in a crowded auditorium, but then it was 3 hours of sun and nice weather outside. We had to choose one activity to do. The choices were kettle bell class, broom ball (a broom and a ball and game is on), soccer (in deep snow), ice fishing and then the one I picked: snowshoe walking. It was fun and hard. But easy! And like usual, walking on water 🙂

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 9.39.09 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 9.39.51 PM

After the outdoor activities, most of my co-workers went to eat and have a sauna. I went to the gym. It’s not that I didn’t want to stay and socialize with the others, it was more that I have decided to do 3 G6s/week and next time I’m gonna go is on Sunday. Now I’ll get two days between the gym visits.

2013-03-07 17.42.00

A happy gym-goer halfway through the program.

Golden six
19.2. 21.2. 4.3 7.3.
Squats 35kg 40kg 42,5kg 42,5kg (+3)
Bench press 35kg 35kg (+3) 37,5kg 37,5kg (+5)
Lat machine 40kg 50kg (8,6,6) 50kg (8,6,6) 50kg (8,8,8)
Overhead press 15kg 16,5kg (+2) 19kg 19kg (+14)
Bicep curl 12kg 14kg (+5) 16,5kg 16,5kg (+2)
Situps 3 sets of 20 3 sets of 30 3 sets of 20 (+2,5kg) 4 sets of 15 (+2,5kg)