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Long time no BodyPump

Kävin kokeilemassa pitkästä aikaa BodyPumppia. En oikeen päässyt jyvälle tästä ohjelmasta, kamalan kiire tuntui koko ajan olevan ja oikeen mihinkään ei päässyt mukaan. Askelkyykky biisi oli jäätävän pitkä, ehdin tympääntyä ennenkuin ekaa puolikasta oli päästy edes puoliväliin. En sillai innosta puhkuen oo menossa uuelleen, mutta onhan toi nyt vaihtelua treeniin aina joskus käydä. 03102013Jäätävää tyylikkyyttä tuo jumppatrikoot ja munapääpipo, eikö? Pumpin jälkeen kävin kiskomassa pari kisaa juoksumatolla, ihan vaan testatakseni että hajoaako polvi. Toistaiseksi ei tunnu pahalta, mutta jää nähtäväksi. Huomenna oikealle lenkille ja katsotaan miten käy!

Tested new BodyPump, and didn’t like it. Too boring :/ I also tested if my knee if it would hurt again while running. I ran 2k on the treadmill, and so far so good. No pain! Let’s try again tomorrow then!

BodyPump 86: Is it just me, or is it really tough?

Maybe it was the lazy weekend, or the long break from pump, but this new release was insane. The squats were not that bad, but the chest song was first indication that it was not going to be easy this time. The back was even harder, but the triceps were the last straw. I just couldn’t do those dips. Oh man. I liked lunges and abs, and the shoulder song was great too. I’m a bit lazy going to the gym when it’s hot, so maybe I’ll go to pump more often. This release is awesome 😀

2013-06-24 19.29.17“Look at me, I survived.”


Jumping lunges

I started this day with BodyPump, and we got my favorite lunge set! The one with jumping lunges, couple of programs ago. I’m not really sure of all the weights I just, I just did what I felt good. And I haven’t been doing this release before, so I didn’t know what was coming. Really liked the chest song and hated triceps.

2013-04-20 20.38.47I also went for a little walk this evening. The sun was up, it was almost warm and my steps were light 🙂 Well, to be honest, I haven’t lost that much weight as I hoped, but I’ve lost  7,5cm where I wanted and grown my biceps a bit! (And my calves, which I’d happily had not done, buying boots is hard as it is…)

2013-04-20 20.37.27


I went for a little walk, about 6k. There’s a carpet washing place, already waiting for washers to come.

2013-04-20 20.40.20


Or maybe it’s a bit too cold still. I think I’ll go there to do some washing later this summer!

Wimp at BodyPump and Friend Making Monday: Chris Barnes edition

Happy Monday folks! I went to BodyPump for a change. Let’s just say I was a wimp and took the whole thing really easy. Wasn’t that tired at the end of it, but well, it was something.

  • Warmup: 7kg
  • Squats: 20kg
  • Chest: 15kg
  • Back: 15kg
  • Biceps: 3kg dumbbells
  • Triceps: 10kg
  • Shoulders: 3kg dumbbells, 10kg on the bar
  • Lunges: 10kg

While Kenlie from All the weigh is dealing with her things, Chris took the ball for FMM this week. So let’s see.

Just some things

Middle name? Irmeli.

What’s one phrase you remember your mom or dad saying to you clearly and often? “Do not squint your eyes at me Satu-Maria Irmeli.” Apparently I squinted a lot when I was just about to make some noise or have a tantrum.

Pets? Not at the moment. I want a dog (actually three pugs) and I used to have a little rabbit.

If you could do only one workout, what would it be? Skating. No competition here.

Do you have a mentor, or at least someone you look up to? I look up to one friend of mine. She did half marathon last year, and I’m gonna follow her footsteps this year 🙂

If you could have one Superpower what would it be? This is difficult. I’d think I’d want the power to heal. Helping others and that sort of thing.

Do you have a talent? Not so much. I guess you could say I have talent when it comes to organizing and delegating things. But I can’t sing, draw, act or anything like that.

Thanks Chris for keeping the FMM ball running 🙂