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As I have told before, I have a diet. My very own, made by my PT. It consists of good basic food (40% carbs, 30% fats and 30% proteins) and food is divided in 5 meals. Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and evening meal. Or as I call the last one, an enner. (Evening dinner, enner).

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There’s my meal plan for every week. Now I have a bit of a method with my picks from the list.. As an engineer I plan. A lot. At least I haven’t done an excel sheet of my meals or created a macro for generating weekly plan depending on the different variables.. wait. Why haven’t I? Maybe some lazy Sunday I will. But for now, this stuff is generated via scientific method I like to call CLWL. Calendar, List on the fridge door, Workouts and Luck. 

First I check the calendar. What kind of afternoon do I have. If there’s no meetings, then anything for snacks goes. Then the list. Because I have some issues with authorities (I don’t like being told what to do, the rebel in me wakes up easily) I generalized the example food plan my PT gave me. For example, I will have 4 lunches consisting of “fish/chicken/beef + salad”, etc. This helps me to keep myself on the healthy track (and helps my boyfriend too when he sees what I can eat for dinner so he’ll know what to make. I’m not making him to cook for me, but let’s face it, it’s a luxury to have a meal ready when coming home from work).Then I check what kind of workout I’m going to have. Gym or cardio? This one is purely mental. It does not make any difference at the gym or while running, but on gym days I like to eat differently than on cardio days. Don’t know why, maybe I’m just stuck on my routines that way. The last part, Luck is about what things I have at home. This last part might screw the whole process and I will just crab a protein bar for a snack and end up eating 1kg carrots for an enner.

Let’s start with the breakfast. For years, I’ve been skipping breakfast completely. Drinking 2 cups of coffee with milk doesn’t really count as breakfast. I just can’t eat right after I get up. It takes an hour for me to wake up and be able to eat. So that’s why I’m happy that my current workplace offers porridge, boiled eggs and sausages every morning. I usually get the porridge and an egg. On Wednesdays I tend to eat at home (with great difficulties) or make sandwiches and eat them when I get to work. Just because I don’t like rice porridge….

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If I do my breakfast at home (weekends mostly) I will make some oat meal porridge. Heat up the milk and cottage cheese and then add the oat meal flakes. Throw in some coconut oil and voilá! Well, usually my porridge is too milky, so I just add some flakes in the end (who cares if they are not as soft as the ones actually cooked). I top my porridge of with berries or apple puree and eat it while it’s still hot. Unless I start reading blogs and forget the eating part. Then I’ll eat it cold.

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I also try to remember my vitamins and that stuff. Magnesium, multivitamins, Omega-3 fish oils, D-vitamin, chrome, biotin, zinc, calcium. I believe these are what I need, and that’s why I take them 😀

When I feel like my life’s own master chef(ish), I make an omelette. Or my boyfriend makes it.

If I didn’t have my list, I wouldn’t eat porridge at all. To be brutally honest. I’d eat ice cream for breakfast and convince myself that “since there is milk in the ice cream, it counts as healthy”. The list does come in handy, let me tell you 😀