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Being sick is the worst

Oon mä vielä täällä. Yskin ja niistän eikä helpotusta näy. Aamulla kun herää niin ehkä viis minsaa tuntuu siltä että jes, ei nuhaa. Mutta kun nousee ylös niin pettyy ja joutuu etsimään nessun käsiinsä. Menee ihan just hermot tähän. Oon aikalailla viikon ollut nyt tekemättä mitään ja voin kertoa että harmittaa. Vielä olisi viikko aikaa parantua että voi lähteä puolimaratonille. Oon jo etsinyt korvaavia kisoja, että jos viikossa ei tapahdu täysparanemista..

Still here, but still sick. Not much more to say. I’m afraid that I’m not well enough to run the half marathon in a week, so I’ve been searching for alternative competitions if I don’t get well soon enough.



Ainoo hyvä asia tässä päivässä oli että näin heposia! Taas!

I saw horses, again! Yay!

Pettymysten pettymys

Tänään piti mennä ekaa kertaa ikinä aikuisten telinevoikkatunnille. En mee, kun oon kipeä. Eli tämän sijaan:LIUKIN-CRASH

Tätä:2013-08-30 17.38.40

I waited so long for my gymnastics class to start. But now I got the flu :/ So no falling of things for me today, just tea.


Struck down by birch

I’m not allergic to anything. Or at least so I thought. But it seems that I’m learning new things nowadays. I’m allergic to birch pollen, which sucks. It means my nose is running, I’m sneezing all the time and my throat is sore. Since the antihistamin drugs are working a bit, it’s clear that this is allergy and not just a little cold.

This is so annoying. I’m not sick, so I could go and exercise. But I get out of breath really quickly so it’s pretty much impossible to do anything I want to. Like gym or running. I did cycle to work and back on Monday which meant about 30k and went skating yesterday. But that’s it. I’m going to try biking again tomorrow, let’s just hope I don’t roll over and die 😀

Weekly wrap-up, 14/2013

Not much to wrap-up here. The stomach flu was quickly won, but I was still very tired for couple of days. I went to library on Friday, and picked up a book about yoga. I’ve done this basic course in Astanga yoga, which was great. I just didn’t want to buy a card to yoga school but I have been starting to think that it would be the best thing I could spend my money on. You see, I’m a lazy person by nature. I have it all what it takes to do yoga at home, but I just sit here thinking “I really ought to…” and watch another episode of Midsummer Murders. If I’d participate a class twice a week, I’d get something done. I think. But for now, I’m declaring this month an official yoga month. Two or three times per week, home yoga.

  • Monday: – 
  • Tuesday: Gym
  • Wednesday: sick
  • Thursday: sick
  • Friday:
  • Saturday: yoga
  • Sunday: 7,5k run

I had plans for tomorrow, I wanted to go biking. Mother Nature decided that no change and dropped about 10cm snow here. Thanks! The summer is never coming… And on Saturday I just planted all kinds of seeds, getting ready to grow :/

2013-04-06 15.54.45

2013-04-06 18.44.21

Let’s hope that the snow does melt away some point this year, and I can get some crop of my pumpkins, salads and basils 🙂

Todays run stats: 50min, 7,3km, av. pace 6:53min/km

And total amout of kilometers run this year: 60,3km.

I may look daft, but at least I’m a bit safer

I did go to the gym today, but let’s get to that later. You see, my salary came and I went straight to the sports gear store. I got myself a new pair of running shoes. They are barefoot kind, very very light and apparently they are “natural” what ever that means. And look how pretty they are!



Tomorrow is running day, so maybe I’ll try these ones! I also bought myself a bicycle helmet. Remember I complained how ugly they are! But look, this is quite pretty too:



The only problem is that it’s me who is making the helmet look daft. It’s my fault, not the helmets. But I’m going to be the one at the supermarket, walking around in trainers and a bike helmet on her head. You know the type…

photo (13)

I’ve kind of deteriorated in what it comes to appearances. Today at work I realized that I actually wanted to leave my cap on because my hair was so messy and in need of a washing. Since practically every day afterwork I go and do some sports, I find it too hard to put on a nice blouse and a skirt. It’s a pain in the ass to wear them again after gym to go home. Maybe I should start carrying a pair of jogging pants and sneakers in my car, so I can change them on after work. It’s not that I would’ve been a fashionista before, but now things just have gone south 😀 I mean I used to care that my scarf would match the jacket at least somehow… So it doesn’t really bother me that I look daft with the helmet on. At least I get to a kinda free-pass to look daft in other ways too!

Golden six
21.3. 23.3. 26.3 28.3.
Squats 50kg 55kg (10,10,8,8) 55kg (10,10,10,10) 57,5kg (10,10,10,10)
Bench press 40kg 42,5kg (8,8,8) 42,5kg (8,8,8) 42,5kg (8,8,8)
Lat machine 55kg (6,6,6) 55kg (7,7,7) 55kg (7,7,7) 55kg (8,8,7)
Overhead press 24kg 26,5kg (6,6,6,5) 27,5kg (8,8,8,8) 27,5kg (8,8,8,8)
Bicep curl 21,5kg (6,6,6) 21,5kg (7,7,6) 21,5kg (7,7,6) 21,5kg (8,7,6)
Situps 4 sets of 17 (+5kg) 4 sets of 18 (+5kg) replaced by leg raises replaced by russian twists

Light weights buddy! And it does matter what you wear at the gym

Let’s talk about gym gear and other working out clothing. I packed my gym bag really badly this morning. I didn’t feel good in my clothes at the gym at all. See for yourself:

2013-03-21 15.53.09

The top widens the stomach, the pants are clingy. It doesn’t matter that much workoutwise that the clothes don’t fit that well. But it matters because one has to stare oneself from the mirror all the effin time at the gym (or class).  And it is not fun to look a fat you from the mirror while doing squats. So those pants and that top are not going to the gym with me anymore.

The actual workout was then again good. Bench press finally wasn’t too heavy, so I can try adding more weights next time!

Golden six
21.3. 23.3. 26.3 28.3.
Squats 50kg 55kg x kg x kg
Bench press 40kg 42,5kg x kg x kg
Lat machine 55kg (6,6,6) 55kg (7,7,7) x kg x kg
Overhead press 24kg 26,5kg x kg x kg
Bicep curl 21,5kg (6,6,6) 21,5kg (7,7,7) x kg x kg
Situps 4 sets of 17 (+5kg) 4 sets of 18 (+5kg) 4 sets of 19 (+5kg) 4 sets of 20 (+5kg)

Next gym is up on Saturday. Tomorrow is either spinning or swimming, I haven’t decided yet… I’ll let the morning tell me 🙂

Stupid flu

When I left to work on Monday morning, I packed up my gym stuff and headed of to work. After lunch, I came back home and went back to bed. Flu. Stupid flu. I was home the whole Tuesday and luckily was back to work by Wednesday. The only workout I’ve managed to do this week was skating. And that does not really count as workout since I just stand on the ice with my skates on.

I also have been eating all things that I really shouldn’t, so at the moment I feel like a hippopotamus 😀 But you know, I’ll get it back together (starting from the next meal). And those hotdogs were gooooood…. 😀 If I get a decent sleep next week, I’ll go to the gym tomorrow. Or for a run. We’ll see!

50 hours of sun

Between 1.12.2012 and 19.2.2013 we had 50 hours of sun light in Finland. That’s like ridiculous. Come on Universe, be nice.

photo (5)


But there’s a “bright” side too. When it’s cloudy, it’s not that cold. When the sun shines, it’s cold as in viper’s arse.

Today was sunny, and cold. So no running before skating. I had that planned, but it was too cold. Did I mention that it was cold? Plus it’s somehow funny that I hate cold but will happily spend my free time at the ice rink. Anyway, happy midweek and that to all 🙂

Learning how to swim. Again.

I know how to swim. And by that I mean I know how to stay afloat and how to get forward in the water. But what I don’t know is how to swim with good technique. Today I got a 1,5 hour private swimming lesson from a friend. He taught me about kicks and strokes and head position and all that kind of stuff. And kindly tried not to laugh too much when I wasn’t quite that able to do the exercises he told me to do.

Have to say, it was really hard. When I got the strokes going, I forgot to breath. When my head was too high, my kicks were all over the place. Never knew swimming was that hard! But I’m getting there. Apparently I’m not totally hopeless. I tried to get the strokes going by placing one hand on a little board to get it out of the way and I also had a pulley to get the legs out of the game too. So, only two things to do.

  1. Do a stroke with one hand.
  2. Breath.

It didn’t go that well though. I forgot about the breathing thing. And when I remembered it, I always flipped belly-up. Lots of laughing followed, which isn’t such a bad thing. Sports have to be fun!




Happy chocolate and icecream day



Let me see. Today I had a donut (because the Valentine’s day), ice cream (because Valentine) and chocolate (because Valentine again). Fuck off Valentine, what is your problem here? You are screwing up my diet. Which is not going well by the way. At least today I have that Valentine dude to blame, rest of this is just my fault.

I don’t get it. I want to get rid of the fat. I know how to do it. And I keep failing. Or sabotaging my own efforts. Maybe I just need a kick on the arse and some hard loving instead of “it’s ok, tomorrow you can get back on track” or “you look good anyway”. I’ve already added cardio to my weekly workouts, now I just need to stay on track with the food. Which isn’t going that badly. And by that I mean I have tried to lose the weight, but it has stayed at the same numbers. Maybe it’s a plateau or maybe my energy intake and consumption are dating now and have decided that they are equal. At least I’m not eating too much! Pfew, that was a rant wasn’t it 😀

photo (2)

Some better news then. It’s been about two weeks now since I last did something at the gym (if you don’t count the meeting with the PT last week). I forced myself to the gym today after work and yes. It was fun. I didn’t exactly follow any of my routines, but I focused on my arms mostly.

  • Bench press: 10*20kg, 10*30kg, 2*6*40, 1*3*50kg, 31*20kg
  • Decline bench press: 10*20kg, 10*25kg, 10*30kg, 10*25kg, 10*20kg
  • Triceps pushdown – rope extension: 3*10*17,5kg
  • Triceps overhead extension: 18*10kg
  • Bicep curls – rope extension: 3 * 15kg
  • Dumbbell bicep curls: 28*4kg
  • Lateral raises: 20*3kg, 15*4kg, 15*3kg, 10*4kg, 10*3kg, 28*2kg (that last one was agony…)
  • Dumbbell side bends: 3*15*12kg

So happy eating day to all 🙂 And Valentine’s too.