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Miksi se rauta painaa enemmän kuin ennen?

Onkohan joku käynyt meidän salilla vaihtamassa kiekkoja painavampiin? Oli kauhean painavia kympin kiekkoja tänään tarjolla nimittäin. Vai oliskohan syy siinä että en oo hetkeen käynyt niitä kymppejäkään nostelemassa…

Tein tänään sellaista minikuntopiiriä tavallansa.

Setti 1: 4 * 8 * 40kg: Mave, Kulmasoutu, SJMV
Setti 2: 4 * 8 * 40kg: Kyykyt, Askelkyykyt
Setti 3: 3 * 8 * 8kg: Flyes (kp), Ojentajat, Viparit, Hauiskäännöt
Ja päälle vähän vatsalihasjuttuja sitä sun tätä. Hyvät setit. Kuten oli myös treeninjälkeishampurilainen ja hampurilaisjälkeisvohveli.

Set 1: / DeadliftsBarbell rowRomanian deadlift
Set 2: 4 * 8 * 40kg: Squats, Lunges
Set 3: 3 * 8 * 8kg: Dumbbell flyes, Tricep extensions, Lateral raises, Bicep curls
And then some ab-things. All sorts. Pretty good gym. Totally earned my hamburber and waffles after it.

Mitalisade ja kuntotesti / More medals and a fitness test

Ooh, katsokaa mitä sain!Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 7.44.48 PMOlen virallisesti käynyt salilla noin 1.5 kertaa viikossa JA juossut noin 1.5 kertaa viikossa tämän vuoden aikana. Whuhuu!

Mutta sepä ei ole päivän ainoa ilouutinen se. Tein vuosi sitten PTn kanssa kuntotestin, ja tein sen huvikseni tänään uusiksi. Ja katso, kaikki tulokset olivat parantuneet. En suotta ole käynyt nostamassa punttia. Kaikkia suorituksia tehtiin se 30s kerralla.

I have now officially been to the gym about 1.5 times per week AND been running 1.5 times per week this year. Go me! But that’s not all. A year ago I did a fitness test, and today I did it again. Lo and behold, all the numbers are up! Each move was done for 30s as many as I could:

  • Kyykyt / Squats: 24 -> 29
  • Istumaannousut / Situps: 18 -> 20
  • Punnerrukset / Pushups: 16 -> 18
  • Pystypunnerrus / Shoulder press: 20 -> 30
  • Selän ojennus / Hyperextension: 22 -> 25

Vuosi sitten multa otettiin myös rasvaprosentti, joka oli muistaakseni jotain 32-33%. Tänä vuonna kierrän kyseisen mittauslaitteen kaukaa, koska se alkaa kuitenkin huutamaan että SINÄ SYÖT SUKLAATA SIELLÄ, EI SE AUTA. Niin syönkin. Kun joo, olishan se kiva olla vähärasvaisempi, mutta se dieetin ylläpito vaan ei ole huvittanut tarpeeksi. Mutta hei, oon vahvempi kun vuosi sitten! Ja jaksan juosta enemmän kun vuosi sitten! Vuosi sitten kävin juoksemassa 4.12km aikaan 33:15min, eli tahdilla 8:05min/km. Nyt vitoseen menee noin tuo aika, pidemmällä lenkillä.

Last year my fat% was measured too and it was something like 32-33%. This year I’m totally avoiding the measuring machine, since it would just yell at me for eating chocolate. Which I have been doing. Because being on a diet is just boring. But I’m stronger than year ago and I can run more too. Last year this day I did 4.12 km run in 33:15min. This year, I run 5k in that time (during a longer workout). 

Niin heiluin mä siellä salilla muutenkin.

  • Mave / Deadlift: 10 * 20kg, 10 * 40kg, 10 * 3 * 60kg
  • Pullover: 3 * 10 * 10kg
  • Haba taljassa / Cable bicep curl: 3 * 5 * 15kg
  • Ojentajat taljassa / Triceps pushdown: 3 * 10 * 17,5kg
  • Rinta ristitaljassa / Flyes: 3 * 10 * 7,5kg/side

2013-08-29 16.12.35Ja peilikuva, osa x.

PB in Deadlift

Yesterday was a great gym day. I started out with some deadlifts, and as I was writing down the serie weights I noticed that my pb was 75kg. Since I felt great, I decided to try to lift 80kg. I up it went! Not smootly or very nicely, but I got it up! 2013-08-12 12.18.30Note to self: next time remember to check how the pants are before you get a photo, unless you want weird-do-i-have-man-parts-now-photos 😀

Deadlifts: 6*20kg, 6*40kg, 6*50kg, 6*60kg, 3*70kg, 1*80kg

Romanian deadlifts: 3 * 4 * 60kg

“Pullups”: I did try. Not good.

Lateral raise: 3 * 8 * 5kg + 15*3kg

Biceps curl: 3 * 8 * 7kg + 15*3kg

Headstands: 3 * against the wall. I think I managed to do 1sec without help of the wall.

Great day at the gym, I’m happy with my new pb!


Hiding from the storm

It has truly been summer here. It’s all sunny and warm from 7:00AM to 4PM. Then one hour of thunder storm and back to sunny. It’s fine, the little rain. But as it happens I tend to be outside, biking home from work around the 4PM thunder. Today I managed to save myself from getting wet by waiting at a bus stop.

2013-06-05 16.16.05


At lunch time it was a little better. There’s a nice park smack in the middle of the city center, a popular place to hang out, enjoy the sun and have a picnic. You can also try to catch some fish if you want to 🙂

2013-06-05 11.23.41


Tampere is between two big lakes (Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi) and the river you can see in the picture is actually a rapid from Näsijärvi to Pyhäjärvi. The rapid stays open throughout the year, and it’s just pretty 🙂

I started this morning at the gym. I did some deadlifts, lunges and tried the ab wheel (still hate it). Not much to say, didn’t do any personal bests 🙂

After work I went to a friend to get my back massaged. My lower back has been bothering me a little. It’s nothing too much, but it’s annoying to feel pain in the right lower back when getting up from sitting down. My friend told me that I have some locks in my back and I should go and try ostheopathy. So maybe I try to find  one. Anyone been to one? How was it?

Pyramid Sunday

Deadlift Sunday, with couple of squats and bench presses thrown into the mix too. It’s nice to be able to walk to the gym and not be afraid some limbs to freeze and drop-off on the way. I hate warming up with the treadmill or elliptical trainer, so this walk to the gym is good way to avoid them. I wasn’t planning on going to the gym today, but I tagged along with my boyfriend. And good thing I did, I had fun at the gym.

  • Barbell deadlifts: 10*20kg for warm-up. And then the pyramid: 8 * 30kg, 6 * 40kg, 4 * 50kg, 2 * 60kg, 2 * 70kg, 1 * 75kg (and back). Phew! Personal best 75kg deadlift – achieved!
  • Romanian deadlifts: 8 * 30kg, 6 * 40kg, 4 * 50kg, 2 * 60kg, 1 * 70kg (and back). Another PB here!
  • Goblet squat with kettle bell: 4 * 10, with about 20 or 24kg kettle bell. The bell didn’t have the number plate intact, so I’m not sure about the weight. Who cares anyway.
  • Bench press: 10 * 20kg, 8 * 30kg, 6 * 35kg, 4 * 40kg, 2 * 45kg, 1 * 50kg (and back).
  • Leg raises: 3 * 10 reps.

There, short and sweet gym!

photo (18)


After gym went to get a cup of coffee, while waiting the super market to open. 0.6l of coffee, that’s what I call a decent sized mug 😀

Happy Sunday folks, I still have some yoga to do…

Gym day happy day

I don’t know what the hell has happened at the gym, but I’m almost willing to bet money that someone has messed with the weights. They were way too heavy to be like they usually are.

2013-03-19 16.06.28

Golden six
10.3. 12.3. 14.3 19.3.
Squats 47,5kg 47,5kg(+3) 50kg Didn’t do
Bench press 40kg 40kg 40kg 40kg (8,8,8)
Lat machine 50kg (9,9,9) 50kg (10,8,8) 50kg 50kg
Overhead press 22,5kg 22,5kg(+3) 25kg 25kg
Bicep curl 19kg (10,9,7) 19kg (10,9,9) 19kg 20kg (10,8,6)
Situps 4 sets of 18 (+2,5kg) 4 sets of 20 (+2,5kg) 4 sets of 12 (+5kg) 4 sets of 15 (+5kg)

I changed squats to Deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts (both 3 * 10 reps with 40kg, 50kg and 60kg weights). If I don’t have Arnold thighs ever, this is to blame.

Morning gym

To avoid crowds at the gym (and because I’m busy all evening), today’s gym session had to be in the morning. Nice and quiet over there! I focused on legs and that kind of things and even shot couple of videos to see does my squat technique suck (and if so, how badly). I think I should take video about deadlifts too, I’m pretty sure I’m not doing it nearly as good as I should.

  • Clean: 1 * 10, 20kg, 2 * 10, 25kg
  • Good Morning: 3 * 10, 30kg
  • Squats: 10 * 20kg, 40kg, 45kg, 50kg
  • Deadlifts: 6 * 55kg, 60kg, 65kg, 67,5kg
  • Over head squats: 3 * 10, 20kg
  • Leg raises: 4 * 10

Here’s the video then with 20kg (for warm-up purposes).

And here’s the one with 50kg.

Still some work to do, before squatting below parallel. But getting there 🙂

More squats

Sunday gym and legs. I prefer working out legs any time. Biceps curls seem so boring for some reason. I also have this irrational fear of growing Hulk-shoulders (which is not going to actually happen ever in real life) which also makes me kind of hate working out arms. Stupid? Yes, it is.

2013-01-27 12.50.55


  • Squats: 10 * 20kg, 10 * 35kg, 10 * 40kg, 10 * 45kg, 10 * 50kg
  • Romanian deadlifts: 6 * 6, 50kg
  • Bent over barbell row: 4 * 6, 50kg
  • Deadlifts: 10 *20kg, 6 * 50kg, 6 * 55kg, 6 * 60kg, 6 * 65kg
  • Bench press: 3 * 6, 40kg ( I did this only to achieve a quest in Fitocracy, so sad isn’t it?)
  • Pistol squats: 3 * 6/leg, 5kg kettle bell
  • Suspended crunch with TRX: 3 * 8

Quite ok. I intended to do one legged squats with TRX, but the TRX was taken. It’s always free, I don’t know what the hell happend. But did pistol squats then. I remember when I was younger, we always did them when doing strength training as figure skaters. And I wasn’t that good in them then either…

I thought about going skiing today after gym, but didn’t feel like it. Now I have been just laying on the couch watching Netflix instead 😀 I’m addicted to British crime series… They are much more fun than American ones. Not too many pretty people and much more sarcasm and irony!

Pyramids at the squat rack

Leg day. I felt like mixing things up a little and a friend tipped me off about these pyramids. Not Egyptian, but gym ones.

2013-01-22 15.54.57

I left work a bit early in order to avoid the crowds at the gym, and it worked! No queuing to squat rack, yay! I thought of going to the gym at work, but there was a small problem. You see, there are 4 different doors which say “Locker room” on the door. But none of them say which one is for women. Gotta ask that tomorrow if someone knows…

  • Clean: 3 * 10, 20kg
  • Squats: 10 * 20kg, 10 * 30kg, 10 * 35kg, 10 * 40kg,
  • Deadlift: 6 * (40kg, 45kg, 50kg, 55kg, 60kg, 55kg, 50kg, 45kg, 40kg)
  • Romanian deadlift pyramid: 6 * (40kg, 45kg, 50kg, 55kg, 50kg, 45kg, 40kg)
  • Rear kick: 3 * 8/leg, 50kg
  • Super: Leg curls with the swiss ball (10 reps) + Bulgarian split squats (10/leg) * 3

2013-01-22 15.54.46

Apparently I was praying my grip to hold for the last of the reps with romanian deadlifts. But the pyramids were fun! Nice change, and I’ll probably have sore legs tomorrow…

I had plans to run at the treadmill for half an hour at the end of the workout, but I didn’t. And I have two reasons! First of all, all the treadmills were taken. AND elliptical machines too, can you believe it? Secondly, my legs were shaking so so so badly, I barely made it to upstairs to the locker room…

How was your Tuesday?


ATG (or not)

As I have established, I can squat with 100kg (and little more). What I can’t do is squat below parallel (or even close to parallel) with 100kg. I don’t have enough mobility to do ass to the grass (ATG) squats. So what’s a gym bunny to do? Practice and work on this issue of course. I decided to do some mobility exercises before the workout and use them also as a warmup at home before stretching.

I found these two quick mobility guides (and did the second one). First and the second. Now you do it too! 🙂 I’ve noticed that mobility is something I need to work on, so I will add it to my weekly schedule. There, promised.

2013-01-17 16.05.04

Today’s workout was for legs and back mainly.

  • ALATG (as low as they go) Squats: 10 * 20kg, 10 * 25kg 10 * 30kg, 10 * 35kg
  • Barbell Deadlift: 10 * 50kg, 8 * 55kg, 6 * 60kg, 4 * 65kg
  • Romanian deadlift: 10 * 50kg, 8 * 55kg, 6 * 60kg, 4 * 65kg
  • Barbell bent over row: 4 * 6, 50kg
  • Lat machine: 3 * 10, 40kg
  • Weighed decline situps: 4 * 15, 5kg
  • Sidebends: 3 * 12/side, 16kg

This was fun workout. Plus I managed to do deadlifts with 65kg, new PB! 🙂