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What have you been up to?

Sorry about the little quietness in here. But you see, I’m on holiday. And I just haven’t felt like opening the computer that often. And I’ve been away from home too. Last weekend I was visiting my old home town. I went to see all the best workout spots and just enjoyed the fine summer we are having up here.

2013-07-26 15.55.352013-07-26 16.00.18I also went for a run. I ran about 6km in hot and humid weather, and it was awful. But I ran.

I have also been emptying my mother’s garden from berries, now I have ingredients to smoothies during the winter!

2013-07-30 14.27.342013-07-30 14.27.29I also went to the gym and did some box squats, box jumps (60cm box I think), dips, pushups, planks and that kind of stuff.

2013-07-31 13.55.09


Yesterday I did more running, I managed to do 7k in 45min, good for me!

Distance: 6.0km, Avg.pace: 7:12 min/km, Avg.speed: 8.3 km/h

Distance: 7.0km, Avg.pace: 6:36 min/km, Avg.speed: 9.1 km/h

Total distance run this year: 263km

Tomorrow is time for a long run, and on Friday it’s travel time! I’m gonna pack my running shoes with me, but mostly I’ll be eating and that kind of things. 🙂

2013-07-31 22.25.45


Running with cows

Since I forgot to do my 50min run yesterday, I had to do it today. It was good, it was easier to run faster and I didn’t feel too tired. I managed to keep the average speed under 7min/km and I also managed to stop and stare at some cows.

2013-07-15 12.03.54p 2013-07-15 12.04.08pOr they stared at me. The reason why I stopped for a while, was that my apps and devices betrayed me and didn’t function well. The radio stopped playing and then the app I use to track my route stopped and all that. But I don’t mind, I saw cows!

2013-07-15 12.28.20 2013-07-15 12.28.42pMad socks! I’ve fallen for this “gotta wear socks when running”, and I don’t know why. I’m not scoring any style points, that’s for sure…

Distance: 7km, Avg.pace: 6:49 min/km, Avg.speed: 8.5 km/h

Total distance run this year: 218km


200km – done!

Now I have actually ran 200 km this year, and I have 6 months to go still. 200km does not sound that much, but for me it is 🙂 Next goal: 300km!

As I’ve complained before, running when it’s hot is awful. Unless you can end your run so that you can go straight for a swim.

2013-07-09 16.44.51 2013-07-09 16.45.082013-07-09 16.47.012013-07-09 16.47.04This lake is called Tesomajärvi, and it’s actually smack in the middle of a suburb of Tampere. The water wasn’t too cold and the run went pretty fine too:

Distance: 6.2km, Avg.pace: 7:19 min/km, Avg.speed: 8.2 km/h

Total distance run this year: 200km

Nice evening run

I hate running when it’s hot. So (sometimes) in the summer time one has two options: early mornings or late evenings. And I’m not a early morning kinda girl. Tonight I started my run around 9PM and the weather was just amazing. Sun was still up and it was warm but not too hot. And the views, amazing…

2013-07-06 21.23.59 2013-07-06 21.41.26 2013-07-06 22.17.19 2013-07-06 22.19.28

I wore my most dashing running gear:

2013-07-06 21.41.42


And after the run, I wanted to go to see the sunset. Yes, the sun does go down. But it was 11PM. We went to the beach which provides sauna and ice swimming during the winter, the view was great!

2013-07-06 22.49.47 2013-07-06 23.09.09 2013-07-06 23.11.33 2013-07-06 23.08.31

Distance: 8.5km, Avg.pace: 8:13 min/km, Avg.speed: 7.3 km/h

Total distance run this year: 194km (almost 200km, yay!)


I’ve been busy

I know, I know. It’s not an excuse for not working out, being busy and all. But I was busy getting married! And partying! I’m happy to admit that June didn’t quite go as I planned workout-wise, but it did go as I planned (even better) on getting-married-wise. So yay!

Yesterday the happily married (how many times one is allowed to use the word married in one post without getting annoying?) couple went for a little walk. We ended up playing miniature golf.



I lost. Damn! But all was well, since the winner took me for a hamburger. So no hard feelings here.




Fun weekend this was, truly 🙂

Oh, I did manage to go for a run today. Just a short and little one. The heart rate had to be kept under 80% of max, and boy it was annoying to run that slow…

Distance: 4km, Avg.pace: 7:3 min/km, Avg.speed: 8 km/h

Total distance run this year: 180km

Eat the cake and burn it + Weekly wrap-up, 19/2013

Mother’s day! Since I don’t have any kids of my own, Mother’s day means cake. Lots of it. I drove first to see my mom and then my grandma. And had plenty of cake!

I managed also to burn some of the cake with a slow run:

  • Distance: 9km, Avg.pace: 8:12min/km, Avg.speed: ~7.3km/h

Total distance run this year: 145km

Wrapping up this week then:

  • Monday: Running 4k
  • Tuesday: Gym
  • Wednesday: Skating
  • Thursday: Running 6k
  • Friday: Gym
  • Saturday:  Nordic walking 8k
  • Sunday: Running 9k, Stretching

There. Quite good week, no pure day-offs, but the Saturday’s walk wasn’t that hard. So let’s count that as a day off 🙂

Running is dangerous

Or I just don’t have the coordination it requires.

2013-05-06 16.25.17

Most likely it was a stick which got stuck on the soles of the trainers and did the damage. But hey, I’ll survive. It’s a nice sunny and warm day here, so no need for running tights, thick hoodies or things like that.

2013-05-06 16.26.55

2013-05-06 16.31.49

I started my training program for the half marathon today. It’s actually 12 week program, but I’m gonna double the weeks so I’m done by the 15.9. Today’s run was 30min basic endurance run. I guess I went a bit fast for that, but this wasn’t too fast.

  • Distance: 4.00km, Av.pace: 7:31min/km, Av. speed: 8,1km/h

And total amout of kilometers run this year: 130 km