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About food: Lunches

From Monday to Friday: lunch is the easiest of my meals. 4/5 I just walk to salad bar and collect my lunch from there.


(I didn’t have my camera with me at the lunch, but you’ll get the picture…)

I’m kind of lucky that I’m currently working at my customer’s site. My own offices are located in the center of the town, and unless I bring my own stuff with me, it’s restaurant lunch. There’s some good choices, but I’ve already had one too many chicken salads from the closest lunch place… The salad buffet at my customer’s is awesome. They allow you mix and match your choices and ask is if there’s some thing you’d like to have. Like one day they asked me if there’s anything I’d like to have at the buffe. I told them that grapes would be great, and low and behold. Couple of days later, grapes.

So the weekday lunches, I got them covered. On weekends it’s a different issue. I get up later on the weekend, so naturally I’ll eat my breakfast around the time I’m used to eat lunch. In Finland, the normal lunch time is between 11 and 13. I’m a 11am luncher. 11:15 and I feel like I’ll starve. But this is only from Monday to Friday. On weekends, I skip breakfast, lunch and snack time and still not feel hungry. But I’m working on that.