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Warning, men in the shower

I sort of been missing my mojo at the gym. I haven’t really had any plans or any good program to follow, so it has been a drag even going to the gym. There has been a lot of talk in Finnish training blogs about this Muscle Challenge. It’s created by Jari “Bull” Mentula, who is a professional bodybuilder and that kind of stuff. The challenge works so that you register to their website, and for ten weeks you get a workout program for each week and you also get instructions on what to eat. So I registered and today I got my instructions. Let’s just say I’m not going to follow the program or the food stuff by the book, but already I got some ideas on what to do at the gym. In the original program for this week there’s 5 workouts at the gym, but I did a bit combining and reduction (as I’m not looking for building much muscle or that, I’m just looking for some fresh ideas for me regarding the gym) and came up with my own 10-week muscle challenge, muscle challenge lite 🙂

Today’s workout combined back and chest:

Allouts: lat pulldown (2*6*50kg), dumbbell row (2*10*10kg)

Giant sets (2 rounds of 8 reps each, slowly): deadlifts (50kg), seated row (30kg), barbell row (30kg)

Allouts: Smith incline chest press (2*6*25kg), dumbbell bench press (2*10*12kg)

Giants: Flyes (8kg), Dumbbell incline bench press (14kg), pushups

Abs: 3 rounds of 10 * crunches, 10 * leg raises

As in the original program theres 5 moves in each giant set, I probably should’ve done more rounds with my 3 moves. And I could’ve used more weights on Allouts, but hey, one lives and learns…

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There were men working at my gym’s shower today. I’m not sure why the personel was sorry about it 😉