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Sticks but no snow

I’m pretty sure that when people see a  Nordic Walker for the first time, their initial reaction is more or less “hey dude, did you forget something?”. It just looks daft to be walking with the ski sticks (poles?) when the sun is shining and there’s snow no where to be seen. But I’ve heard it’s efficient and I definitely can walk faster that way.

photo (8)


I also tested my new barefoot shoes, and they felt nice! I walked about 8k in 1:21, and listened the Finland – Austria ice hockey game the whole time. (7-2, not bad). It’s the world championships in ice hockey again, and I’ve been pretty much glued to screen when Finland plays. I hope Finland wins, and if we don’t, I’m cheering for Switzerland. They have been playing like never before, beaten Canada, Sweden, Czech, Denmark and Slovenia and are number one in their group. Finland is leading theirs, so maybe it’s Finland – Switzerland final this year? 🙂