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Pyramids at the squat rack

Leg day. I felt like mixing things up a little and a friend tipped me off about these pyramids. Not Egyptian, but gym ones.

2013-01-22 15.54.57

I left work a bit early in order to avoid the crowds at the gym, and it worked! No queuing to squat rack, yay! I thought of going to the gym at work, but there was a small problem. You see, there are 4 different doors which say “Locker room” on the door. But none of them say which one is for women. Gotta ask that tomorrow if someone knows…

  • Clean: 3 * 10, 20kg
  • Squats: 10 * 20kg, 10 * 30kg, 10 * 35kg, 10 * 40kg,
  • Deadlift: 6 * (40kg, 45kg, 50kg, 55kg, 60kg, 55kg, 50kg, 45kg, 40kg)
  • Romanian deadlift pyramid: 6 * (40kg, 45kg, 50kg, 55kg, 50kg, 45kg, 40kg)
  • Rear kick: 3 * 8/leg, 50kg
  • Super: Leg curls with the swiss ball (10 reps) + Bulgarian split squats (10/leg) * 3

2013-01-22 15.54.46

Apparently I was praying my grip to hold for the last of the reps with romanian deadlifts. But the pyramids were fun! Nice change, and I’ll probably have sore legs tomorrow…

I had plans to run at the treadmill for half an hour at the end of the workout, but I didn’t. And I have two reasons! First of all, all the treadmills were taken. AND elliptical machines too, can you believe it? Secondly, my legs were shaking so so so badly, I barely made it to upstairs to the locker room…

How was your Tuesday?