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Rolling and skating

I remembered that I have a pair of roller skates in the basement. I tried to find my protection gear for half an hour, then gave up and went to sports store to get new ones.

2013-06-11 20.04.04


A bit weird for a while, but I soon got hang of it again. It’s been about 3 years since I last did some roller skating. I do skate a lot, but figure skates have some heel, roller skates don’t. It feels odd 🙂

2013-06-11 20.21.43


I may look like an idiot with that helmet, but at least I have the helmet. At what point exactly did I turn into a grown up and started thinking about safety before style? I’m getting old…

2013-06-11 20.21.23


The view was awesome. I love these light summer evenings so much ❤

Skating stats:

  • distance: 7,5km
  • average speed: 14,6km/h
  • time: 30min

Tomorrow, gym. I promise.