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Elliptical machine: is there anything as boring?

I thought I was clever when I figured out that I’d do 30min on a elliptical machine before gym. I’d get warm-up AND my 30min jog done at the same time. I do not understand why didn’t I use the treadmill. I do not understand why didn’t I just go out and jog. Elliptical machine is the most boring thing ever. I tried watch tv, I tried listen to an audiobook, but no. The time has never ever gone so slowly…

After what seemed like 3 hours, the 30 min was over and I could go and do my actual gym workout.

  • Allout: Bench press (narrow grip) 8*20kg, 8*25kg
  • Allout: Barbell bicep curl: 2*8*20kg
  • Giant: 2 rounds, 8 reps each: Cable pushdown (15kg), Cable bicep curl (10kg), Overhead triceps extension (15kg), Hammer curls (4kg dumbbells)
  • Abs: 3*30s plank, 3*10 slow slow slow crunches

After gym I did some retail recovery. New things from sporting gear shop Intersport (they have mirrors which makes one taller AND skinnier) and then some ice cream. And when I say “some” I mean “a lot”.

2013-07-08 19.18.40


Yes, I wear training gear when I’m not at the gym. And running shoes when I’m not running.

2013-07-08 19.33.46-2

And the ice cream was heavenly.

Why does it always rain on my running day?

Today it was sunny and nice, and it was my gym day. Some of you might ask: “You silly girl, why didn’t you just go running today then?” The answer is that I’m too stuck to my plans. I’ve planned 15k run on Friday, and Thursdays are generally gym days. So. Bicep curls, Triceps extensions, Lateral raises and TRX playing around it was.

2013-04-25 17.22.09If you look closely (and use a bit of imagination) it looks as though I’m getting some definition on my shoulders! And please ignore the super baggy pants which make my legs look weirdly short. And they also make me look fat. Blame the pants! I blame them also for the fact that I forgot to try pullups today.

Yesterday was skating day. We are still skating, at this magnificent ice rink:

2013-04-24 20.01.58

(Jäähalli = ice rink). It looks small, but it has two fields. And it’s down in a bunker,  40m below surface. It’s somewhat scary place, but well. Still skating, which is good.

2013-04-24 20.50.24


“Happy mind makes up the missing intelligence.”


Same ol’, same ol’

My gym reports are getting boring. Same old, same old. Arnold and G6. But it’s fun to do! Last time I added weights to all series and today I kept them the same. How come the 40kg in the bench still feels like 100kg? I’m gonna start saying the weights as the feel, instead of what they actually were. “Hey man, I bench pressed about 500kg today! Cool!”

2013-03-12 16.00.13

Golden six
10.3. 12.3. 14.3 17.3.
Squats 47,5kg 47,5kg(+3) x kg x kg
Bench press 40kg 40kg x kg x kg
Lat machine 50kg (9,9,9) 50kg (10,8,8) x kg x kg
Overhead press 22,5kg 22,5kg(+3) x kg x kg
Bicep curl 19kg (10,9,7) 19kg (10,9,9) x kg x kg
Situps 4 sets of 18 (+2,5kg) 4 sets of 20 (+2,5kg) x x

Afterwards, we went to see a hockey match. The game wasn’t too exiting, but it was free! And I stuck with my meal plan and didn’t get any pizza. Or candy. Or beer. Hockey just isn’t the same without pizza and beer…

2013-03-12 18.53.48


My favorite one lost 😦 But they still have some great commercial videos:

Anyone of you like icehockey? Or do you prefer something else 🙂

Happy chocolate and icecream day



Let me see. Today I had a donut (because the Valentine’s day), ice cream (because Valentine) and chocolate (because Valentine again). Fuck off Valentine, what is your problem here? You are screwing up my diet. Which is not going well by the way. At least today I have that Valentine dude to blame, rest of this is just my fault.

I don’t get it. I want to get rid of the fat. I know how to do it. And I keep failing. Or sabotaging my own efforts. Maybe I just need a kick on the arse and some hard loving instead of “it’s ok, tomorrow you can get back on track” or “you look good anyway”. I’ve already added cardio to my weekly workouts, now I just need to stay on track with the food. Which isn’t going that badly. And by that I mean I have tried to lose the weight, but it has stayed at the same numbers. Maybe it’s a plateau or maybe my energy intake and consumption are dating now and have decided that they are equal. At least I’m not eating too much! Pfew, that was a rant wasn’t it 😀

photo (2)

Some better news then. It’s been about two weeks now since I last did something at the gym (if you don’t count the meeting with the PT last week). I forced myself to the gym today after work and yes. It was fun. I didn’t exactly follow any of my routines, but I focused on my arms mostly.

  • Bench press: 10*20kg, 10*30kg, 2*6*40, 1*3*50kg, 31*20kg
  • Decline bench press: 10*20kg, 10*25kg, 10*30kg, 10*25kg, 10*20kg
  • Triceps pushdown – rope extension: 3*10*17,5kg
  • Triceps overhead extension: 18*10kg
  • Bicep curls – rope extension: 3 * 15kg
  • Dumbbell bicep curls: 28*4kg
  • Lateral raises: 20*3kg, 15*4kg, 15*3kg, 10*4kg, 10*3kg, 28*2kg (that last one was agony…)
  • Dumbbell side bends: 3*15*12kg

So happy eating day to all 🙂 And Valentine’s too.

Hey, that was reserved to me!

No, you idiot. The one treadmill out of six was not reserved to you, if you are not standing by it. If you are hanging around at the stationary bikes talking to your friend, you are not reserving a treadmill. Asshole. Oh, and next time, do not come standing on the damn treadmill while I’m already on it. I’m still fuming, it was so rude! If you want a one particular piece of equipment to your use, you just have to stand next to it. And not come yelling at someone who did not know you wanted to use that one treadmill because you were no where near it when she came there. ARGH!

It seems half of Spain was also at the gym tonight, but it was just normally annoying. And by annoying I mean the nuisance of too many people there at the same time. Too hard to go according to my routine, and I find it difficult to improvise in the middle of the workout. Maybe I really should consider turning myself to morning gym person… That will not be easy though. At mornings I prefer to sleep as long as possible, so I’m going to think about this a bit more.

photo (1)

My whole workout felt like pointless but I did something anyway.

  • Dumbbell bench press: 2 * 10, 14kg  2 * 5, 22kg
  • Triceps pushdown – rope: 4 * 10, 20kg
  • Biceps curl – rope: 4 * 10, 17,5kg
  • Overhead triceps extension: 3 * 10, 15kg
  • Overhead biceps curl: 3 * 10, 10kg
  • Wide-grip lat pulldown: 3 * 10, 40kg
  • Close-grip lat pulldown: 3 * 10, 40kg
  • Side planks: 2 * 20s/side
  • Planks: 8 * 20s/side with 10s breaks

Next gym on Thursday. Hopefully with a better flow.


Gym fashion

I noticed some very funny gym fashion at my gym today. Wollen socks combined  with flip-flops. I know it’s cold in Finland, but people REALLY? That can’t be comfortable.. Anyway, I tried to take couple of different photos than usual, but the result is more funny than successful. I’ll present to you, the one legged gym goer:

2013-01-24 16.02.41


So what did I do today then, except took crappy pics because the gym was so full and that was like the only time someone wasn’t walking behind me?

  • Dumbbell bench press: 10 * 10kg, 10 * 16kg, 4 * 8 20kg
  • Dips: 4 * 10, 15kg + legs on the swiss ball
  • Triceps pushdown – rope: 1 * 10, 2 * 9, 1 * 7 20kg
  • Biceps curls – rope: 4 * 10, 17,5kg
  • Dumbbell sidebends: 3 * 12/side, 20kg
  • Lateral raises: 3 * 10, 10kg
  • Decline situps: 2 * 15, 5kg

2013-01-24 16.03.07


After the hard work at the gym, I went for a run (girl has got to do some cardio you know). I ran for half an hour:

  • 5min: brisk walk for warmup (6 km/h)
  • 5min: jogging (7 km/h)
  • 8min: running (8,5 km/h)
  • 4 * 2 min running (10km/h) + 1 min jogging (7km/h)
  • 5min: lazy walk for cool down ( 5km/h)

That was hard, I might just do that thing again! 😀

What’s the weirdest gym fashion you have seen? MC Hammer pants anyone?

Saturday gym

Last time it was squats, now it was bench press time. I think I’m gonna stay with these weights for awhile. Same with squats, I want to work with the form and technique for some time. I haven’t tried how much I could cheat up and I don’t care.

  • Warm-up: mobility exercises
  • Bench press: 10 * 20kg, 10 * 35kg, 8 * 45kg, 4 * 50kg, 2 * 55kg
  • Decline bench press: 10 * 20kg, 10 * 25kg, 10 * 30kg, 15 * 35kg
  • Barbell bicep curls: 1 * 8, 3 * 6, 20kg
  • Dumbbell preacher curls: 20 * 5kg
  • E-Z bar triceps extensions: 4 * 8, 20,5kg
  • Triceps pushdown with rope: 20 * 10kg
  • Close grip front lat pulldown: 8 / 6 / 3 * 55kg

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 6.32.57 PMGood day that is 🙂 After the gym I went for a swim, 1500m and 50 minutes. I seem to have misplaced my swimming goggles some where very safe, can’t find them. So it’s a wee bit difficult to practice swimming techniques… But well, it’s fine. I’ll find them some day 😀


Triceps at work

It’s always nicer to workout when the gear is right. Nothing’s too snug or too short or out of place all the time. For some reason, there is no such thing as too big when it comes to training clothing. The baggier the better usually.

The most important thing is that I got myself a new training notebook. It adds hardcore pro -feeling to my appearance, or what do you think:

2013-01-15 16.18.11 The only problem is that it’s not color co-ordinated with my other gear (except the pen). Oh this hard life of the western human :/

Anyway, I did something at the gym (besides took photos of my new notebook):

  • Dumbbell bench press: 4 * 8, 19kg
  • Dips: 4 * 10
  • Triceps pushdown: 4 * 7, 18.75kg
  • Biceps cable curl: 4 * 10, 16kg
  • Dumbbell side bend: 15 * 10kg
  • Russian twists: 3 * 15/side, 2,5kg
  • Leg raises: 2,5kg

As I might have mentioned before, I started using Fitocracy. The point of the system is to collect points. The more points you have, the higher your level is. Each workout you do earns you more points. Each workout you log in, a Fitocracy robot tells you that “You are awesome!” (call me easy, but that’s fun).

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 9.16.05 PM


They also have Quests and Achievements. The achievements are something that you get, for example when you do squats you get some:

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 9.21.33 PM


Then they have Quests at Fitocracy. You can either select one and do it, or you do it when doing your normal routines. Here’s one of my done Quests:

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 9.24.24 PM


The fun thing about the whole thing is that it makes you do a little bit more. Today I ended up doing a Quest to kind of end warm-up. I did squat jumps, lunges, squats and pushups. Just for the heck of it.

You can also keep track of your workouts and see how you progress:

Screen shot 2013-01-15 at 9.28.14 PM


Come and join me at Fitocracy! You’ll find me there by the nick sanumaria 🙂

Just one more..

…day before 2 weeks of holiday. I’m gonna punch the end of the world on the nose if it ruins my holidays. Really. I’ll kick some end of the worldly ass if that happens. I do go to the gym you know!

  • Dumbbell bench press: 4 * 10, 14kg (next time, 16kg)
  • Bench dips: 3 * 10, 15 kg plate + swiss ball (+5kg here, yay!)
  • Cable triceps extensions: 10, 10, 10, 10 reps, 17,5kg (next time, 20kg)
  • Cable bicep curls: 10, 10, 9, 8 reps, 17,5kg (next time at least couple or series with 20kg)
  • Lateral raises: 3 * 10, 9kg (+1kg, go me)
  • Barbell twists: 3 * 15/side
  • Back: 3 * 12, 10kg
  • Leg raises: 4 * 15

photo (11)I spent today just a little bit over 100€ at the grocery store, getting ready for Christmas. (25% of the cost was because smoked salmon, but that’s like the ham or the turkey or what ever people mostly eat at Christmas to me). There will be plenty of food. Liver casserole, potato casserole, sweet potato casserole, ham, smoked salmon, cold-smoked salmon, chocolate, too many different kinds of cheese, peas, red wine and all things really really good. (Ham and potato casserole are for the BF, not for me.) I can’t wait for Monday and the all day eating feast 😀

How about you, any plans to overeat on Monday? 🙂