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Jumping lunges

I started this day with BodyPump, and we got my favorite lunge set! The one with jumping lunges, couple of programs ago. I’m not really sure of all the weights I just, I just did what I felt good. And I haven’t been doing this release before, so I didn’t know what was coming. Really liked the chest song and hated triceps.

2013-04-20 20.38.47I also went for a little walk this evening. The sun was up, it was almost warm and my steps were light 🙂 Well, to be honest, I haven’t lost that much weight as I hoped, but I’ve lost  7,5cm where I wanted and grown my biceps a bit! (And my calves, which I’d happily had not done, buying boots is hard as it is…)

2013-04-20 20.37.27


I went for a little walk, about 6k. There’s a carpet washing place, already waiting for washers to come.

2013-04-20 20.40.20


Or maybe it’s a bit too cold still. I think I’ll go there to do some washing later this summer!