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Weekly wrap-up, 14/2013

Not much to wrap-up here. The stomach flu was quickly won, but I was still very tired for couple of days. I went to library on Friday, and picked up a book about yoga. I’ve done this basic course in Astanga yoga, which was great. I just didn’t want to buy a card to yoga school but I have been starting to think that it would be the best thing I could spend my money on. You see, I’m a lazy person by nature. I have it all what it takes to do yoga at home, but I just sit here thinking “I really ought to…” and watch another episode of Midsummer Murders. If I’d participate a class twice a week, I’d get something done. I think. But for now, I’m declaring this month an official yoga month. Two or three times per week, home yoga.

  • Monday: – 
  • Tuesday: Gym
  • Wednesday: sick
  • Thursday: sick
  • Friday:
  • Saturday: yoga
  • Sunday: 7,5k run

I had plans for tomorrow, I wanted to go biking. Mother Nature decided that no change and dropped about 10cm snow here. Thanks! The summer is never coming… And on Saturday I just planted all kinds of seeds, getting ready to grow :/

2013-04-06 15.54.45

2013-04-06 18.44.21

Let’s hope that the snow does melt away some point this year, and I can get some crop of my pumpkins, salads and basils 🙂

Todays run stats: 50min, 7,3km, av. pace 6:53min/km

And total amout of kilometers run this year: 60,3km.


These shoes were made for running

I’d have a pic for you of my pretty ugly running shoes, but I’m not going to be that mean. Instead, I’ll show you the one’s I want to get!

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 9.46.41 PM


So pretty! Merrell Bare Access Arc 2,  does anyone have any experience with those? Or how about these, Adidas Performance Adizero F50 Runner 3:

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 9.50.27 PM


I just want pretty shoes 😀 It would be much more fun to run, I’m sure of it. I’d run faster too!

Todays run stats: 55min, 7,5km, av. pace 7:03min/km

And total amout of kilometers run this year: 50km.

The spring is (soon) here!

This morning it was really really cold, and I was a bit worried if my dear old car would even start… But it did (and I had to get to work). By the time I escaped the offices, sun was bright, sky was blue and it was really warm. Like little over 0 Celcius (32F) warm. Look how pretty!

2013-03-15 16.59.01-1


2013-03-15 17.05.45-1

The running didn’t go as well, but who cares. I did 6km in 45 min, not that bad. Not that fast, but it wasn’t the point anyway.

I really need to get myself a new pair (or two) of running shoes. The one pair I now have are really….well…plain ugly.

2013-03-15 16.39.51

I like my workout gear bright and pretty, and these shoes just are neither… At least they are ok to run 🙂

Total distance 2013: 40km (I’m gonna start to keep up this little calculator, just for fun)

Happy weekend folks!

Walking on water

It’s spring! Almost! Sun was shining and melting snow already. I was visiting my parents so a new route for running. And a lot of time went also just looking around.

2013-02-24 10.28.06


2013-02-24 10.37.33-1


The coolest thing about winter is that I can ran (walk) on water! See the map if you don’t believe me 🙂


2013-02-24 20.54.00

I guess my running has improved, since I only did a 5k and it felt really short. Nice going 🙂

Weekly wrap-up, 7/2013

A pretty fun week this was. Back at the gym, running was good and I tried out new things. Not bad eh?

Today was running day. I ran little short of 7k and my pace was faster than ever! Which is still not much, but still.

Screen shot 2013-02-17 at 8.51.30 PM

  • Monday: BodyPump
  • Tuesday: Running (interval)
  • Wednesday: Core + Skating
  • Thursday: Gym
  • Friday:
  • Saturday: Swimming (technique training)
  • Sunday: Running (7k)

Next week: more gym than this week.


Why do I get a hickup after a run? It always starts about 15min after I finish the run and lasts for 5 min or so. Annoying (but somehow funny)! What is this, anyone else with same problem?

I did some intervals today, or fart lek as they say in Swedish. Fart lek, ehahahahaha. Much shorter (and funnier in a 5 year old’s humor kind of way) than “vauhtileikittely” in Finnish.

  • 10 min warmup
  • 5 times: 2 min fast, 1 min slower
  • 10 min cool down

All this and it was snowing and windy and cold. Like the intervals aren’t awful enough… But I get this kind of superhero feeling and I get to be a little more proud of myself when the weather sucks too. It’s just not the same when the sun is shining and all that summer things..

What have you been up to, Miss?

Thanks for asking. Quite a lot actually.

Thursday was PT time. The workout was tough, fun and different from the other things I’ve done with my PT before. Usually while at gym doing something like legs, I’ll burn up about 400kcal. Little more or little less. This time, it was 700kcal. Intense, and I just might do that functional workout again, it was fun!

Friday was kind of supposed to be rest day, but I got talked into going bouldering. It wasn’t too hard:

“We thought about going to the walls on Friday before sauna and eating. Wanna come?” “Let me think about it. Sure!”

The people at the Tampereen kiipeilykeskus are really nice. I was looking at some routes and couple of more experienced climbers came over to ask if that was my first time there and if there were anything I wanted to know. They gave me some tips and when I was figuring out how to do one route, the helped and gave instructions. That was really nice! I got some good info and I’m already thinking about getting my own climbing shoes…

And what about today?

2013-02-09 18.40.16

Running. Although it was snowing and the roads had couple of centimeters of snow on, and it was snowing the whole time, it was pretty enjoyable I have to admit. I kept a slow pace as you can see. It will be interesting to see what will my time be when I run the same route in the spring when there’s no snow…

Photo on 2013-02-09 at 18.32 #3

Thumbs up from a (little deranged) runner from up North!

Winter running is more about what you wear than how fast you can run. Under armour, running shirt, wind and water proofed jacket, gloves, windbreaker pants, studs on the sneakers, woolen socks and a freebie buff headwear courtesy of my gym and you can think about leaving the house. It’s not fun to get to cold and it’s not fun to get too hot since there isn’t anything you can take off in the middle of running.

10,6km today. 22km on September 15th. I’m sure I can do it.