Food diary issues

I’m supposed to keep a food diary for a week. Now, I do eat proper food, I eat my veggies, I don’t eat crappy food, I steer clear from candy/crisps/chocolate and that kinda things. Except THIS WEEK. For some reason, I just want to eat all kinda things that are bad for me. Yesterday I had kebab and candy. Today, piece of cheese cake. Small piece. Pathetic!

Maybe it’s my subconsciousness that wants to eat all kinda good-but-ah-so-unhealthy-food for this “last normal week”. It’s stupid, because this is not last normal week. Nowhere near so. I mean, my NORMAL diet is so much better than these things I now want to have. I just don’t get this. At least I’m not lying to my PT, he is just going to get a bit wrong picture of my eatings if I keep this up 😀

To make things better, I made my skating team’s girls do some bodyweight training today. I did the moves myself too, so I didn’t just slack around 😀 We did mainly core, but some push-ups too.

After the bodyweight training, we had the usual skating practice. We did lot of bits and pieces which I have planned to be part of our new programme, and had fun 🙂

Happy skating times 🙂




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